10 July 2009

Things I think are WAY coolspice to counter the lamespice of last night

OK so I did the whole lamespice thing and now I want to do a WAY coolspice one bahahaha What? Jealous YOU didn't think of it? Yeah I know, I'm amazing ;)
So here goes:

1. Disney is the bomb no matter what anyone says!
Jealous of my castle? Yeah you should be :)

2. I love cherry limeades even if most people don't :)
{namely Lauren Brimley}
Especially at Happy Hour when I can get a Route 44 for like a dollar :)

3. I love bright colors.
They make a room look like home, cheer people up, and are just plain awesome!

4. My box fan.
I need noise to sleep at night (see here for funny story on that) and my fan is beautiful.
Keeps me cool and calm while I sleep :)

5. Black and white photos
They're just classy :)

6. I am such a movie freak it's silly :)
Blame my dad for that one....being a film major and all.
Srsly....ask me a question about a any movie (That's not R-rated) and I'll probably know the answer......it's sad hahahaha

7. I am a semi-Trekky.
Love Star Trek but I'm not one to go to a convention or anything...
that's be crossing the line to insanity :)

old school....

new school....

any kinda school!

8. Letters
both from missionaries and friends :)
There's just something abut getting an actual letter in the mail (*gasp* mail??? What is this mail you speak of??) and opening an envelope that's way cooler than an email on the computer :)
Of course there's way more things that I think are cool but this would be one monster of a post if I listed them all so now it's your turn! And tag me in your post of coolspice stuff ;)


  1. Yep. Letters and Disney are the bomb. ^_^ Wish I got more of them, especially from a certain someone who is currently putting in 110%. :(

  2. hahahahaha! Box fan, cindersoot!


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