09 July 2009

Things I think are lamespice

My friend Lauren Brimley posted a list like this (see here for good times) and as such she tagged us all to do the same. So here goes:
1. American Idol
One word...stupid.
2. The color pink.
And yes, I'm obviously a girl but pink is
3. Gossip Girl
WTH is the point of this show?
4. Manicures.
I'm all for peddies and acrylics but not the manicures I'm sorry
Women that beat you as they "massage" your arms and such ugh no thanks5. The Bachelor.
Over-rated. Srsly. Watched the end of this last one and will never do it again6. Transformers.
Puh-leaze. Giant robots shooting things at each other.
Gee, what fun. Definitely not Oscar-worthy material
7. Hip hop music.
BIG whoop.Now the biggest pet peeve I have:
8. Cartoons that are not Disney that are mistaken for Disney movies, namely Anastasia, Swan Princess, Thumbelina
20th Century Fox peopleNest Family Entertainment

Ok friends, now's your turn and then use this as a link YAY! ;)


  1. Nice list! I agree with like 98%. The only note I will add is that Swan Princess is mistaken as Disney only because Richard Rich used to work for Disney before he broke off and made his own stuff. And I love that movie, even though it's cheaper than crap. Hahaha.


  2. It's also cheezier than heck but totally AWESOME!

  3. hahahahahaha! its great how different we are and how close we are as friends. Most of those I don't agree with, but I don't have a problem with the fact that you don't like them. Now that's compromise! ;0) silly cindersoot!


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