05 July 2009

Decision-making time......

So I like the Food Network like a lot. Like a lot. I watch the Cake Challenges, the Next Food Network Star, etc. And watching these shows has been making me rethink things a bunch. Like hey, maybe I should go to culinary school.

My friends know how much I like to cook and bake but I had never really thought about taking that interest to the next level. So maybe I should??? I want to think about it, study things about it and then make a pro & con list for this idea and for the History major thing. Both are passions of mine and so I want to make the best decision I can, but input or help would be great to hear from you all ;)

So which do YOU think I should do? History major or culinary school??


  1. Not having known your cooking or baking, I can't put an exact answer of which I think you should do. All I know is that you should do what feels right.

  2. My advice is talk to the man of upstairs. He will let you know what to do. In my opinon I would say Culinary School fits you the best.

  3. Eventually I want to do like my own catering service type thing so I don't know if I need to go to school for that I really have no idea hahahahaha

  4. For a catering business, I have no idea. You may also want to take business classes. But yeah, school for cooking might be good. Not sure, though.

  5. hmm thats a tuffy. Just do what feels best, try to do like a pretend catering thing, like cook for a baby shower/birthday party or whatever and see if you can handle the stress! my sister does it and she loves it, but it can get pretty stressful. Pick like one or two things to make and do it one step at a time..
    i dont know if that made any sense to you. heres a moral: do a practice run with some freinds and fam. see if its something you could see your self doing for a bigger crowd.



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