18 July 2009

Meeting New Friends

So y'all know that I have a missionary out in Argentina and he's been out 13 months (today actually). Well one of his companions, Chad Moody, also has an "amigovia" (which I'm assuming means some kind of girlfriend or something) and she and I finally got to hang out and have lunch together. She was so sweet and I just loved her on the spot (and yes I do know that she will be reading this hahahaha so I might be sucking up just a little bit :>)It was so nice to talk about Andrew to someone who didn't already know him and to be with someone else that's in the same situation as me. Anais, you are truly awesome and I can't wait for your wedding next summer!!! It'll be awesome!

And Chad, you are incredibly handsome and lucky. You couldn't've picked a better girl :) And I know that Andrew really enjoyed having you as a companion (this is in case you guys got transferred or something, if not then he is enjoying you as a companion) Keep up the good work dude!

And no worries fans, there will be more Ali and Anais adventures to come :)


  1. I just Googled "amigovia" and according to the Urban Dictionary, it means "friend with benefits."

  2. awwww!!!! Ali you're awesome!!! I LOVE THIS! haha yes there will be more adventures to come! haha and I like urban dictionary's definition of amigovia!


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