17 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- MY review

Let me start off by saying this: I liked the movie in spite of the movie. You'll see what I mean in just a minute here. I'm gonna start with the things I loved and then the things that needed to be in there that weren't, SOOO if you haven't seen it yet DON'T READ ANY FURTHER CUZ OF SPOILERS!! Ok, down to business:

I loved Draco! He was absolutely amazing and I think he was my favorite, yeah pretty sure he was the favorite. Tom Felton did such a great job showing Draco's struggle and all that. LOVE!

I loved Snape. Now, I have always loved Alan Rickman, he's like the best. His voice is very soothing and attractive (yes, yes it is). I loved how he showed that Snape had some issues too with what was happening and that he wasn't sure if he still wanted to do it.

I am still in love with Ron. He was just so cute! Couldn't help but smile at his crazy personality and his faces during the Quidditch matches. LOVE!!

Harry and Hermione's brother/sister moment. (Right after Lavender kisses Ron) It was just so tender and sweet. You see Harry's softer side and it was just the sweetest thing I saw. I even teared up a little.....just a little....

BTW this isn't the moment I'm talking about, I couldn't find the actual picture of it sorry

Bellatrix! Holy cow she is soooooo cool! She is the prefect amount of creepy/cool/evil.

I loved the guy that played Tom Riddle (Voldemort) as a teenager! Holy cow!!! HE was creepy/cool/cute and was just plain awesome! Great choice!

And now for the bad news. Ready? Ok:

1. WTH was the with the pathetic-excuse-for-a-kiss that happened between Harry and Ginny???
It's like a huge deal in the book and they just killed it! Harry and Ginny are a big part of this whole thing HELLO!!!!

2. Why are we burning down the Burrow!? NO point I tell you, no point! Where are the Weasley's going to live? How are the Trio going to get started on the Horcrux thing if there's no wedding at the Burrow for the Death Eaters to crash?! GRRRRR

3. The lack of Bill and Fluer
There were no pictures (obviously) cuz they were not a part of the movie. I was so disappointed! Bill and Fluer are a big part now because Harry has to apparate to their house after the Malfoy house in the 7th book! And that's where Dobby dies!! GOOD GRIEF! I was so annoyed by this.

4. Lack of Fenir Greyback and it leading to Tonks and Lupin finally getting together.

When Dumbledore dies, there's a big battle at Hogwarts (this is the book mind you, not the movie) and Fenir Greyback, who's a werewolf like Lupin, starts terrorizing and biting the kids and ends up mangling Bill Weasley. Fluer still loves him which shocks Molly and because of that Tonks tells Lupin that they can be together cuz if Bill and Fluer can, they can. It's really a touching scene in the book. It gets completely bypassed in the movie.

5. No battle at Hogwarts at the end.
WTH!!! That's the biggest deal so far! Dumbledore is dead therefore there's a battle HELLO! But no, the Death Eaters just walk right on out without one person standing in the way other than Harry at Hagrid's house. WOOP-EE. It needed that final battle, srsly it did.

Now that you have read the review of mine, what did you think of the movie? Now like I said before, I loved the movie in its own media. If I compare it to the book, it ruins the movie and I don't wanna do that so I loved it in spite of itself! Hahahaha enjoy HP!!


  1. Loved your views! :) It was a pretty good movie. If I had read the books recently, I would have remembered more. XD I'm kinda glad I didn't, though, cuz I would have been commenting on just about everything. XD

  2. I haven't read any of the books and I never will, but the movies are cute. I haven't seen this one yet. And you're right; Alan Rickman rules!!

  3. This is by far the best one I think so far. The next two should be really cool too ;)


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