23 July 2009

Culinary School thing

Ok everyone remember the whole Culinary School: do or do not? thing?
Well I think I've decided.
I've prayed and prayed, gotten advice, waited to get a letter from my missionary
(since this kinda effects him too)
and I am not going to go.

It's $27,000 for 9 months. Now I know that that's really good and all but I can't afford it.
Plus I wanna go into more baking and some cooking but not overly cooking parts.
I love to bake which is a blessing and a curse but oh well.
I'm instead going to learn new recipes, study new techniques (ish) and maybe do a little catering later, later in my life.

And I'll have my friends to support me as I try to finish my silly little Associate's degree at MCC
Signed up today for one class (all I can afford for right now hahahaha) and I will finish next semester. I'm determined to graduate in May 2010. That way I am more accomplished than Andrew!! Hahahahaha :P

So thanks to all of y'all that were there to support me in either decision ;)


  1. That is expensive but sounds like it will be really fun for you! Good luck!

  2. Jane Eyre was a great book to read at the end of winter, it was just so perfect. I own the Count of Monte Cristo but never read it. Earlier this year I went through all the books in my house (thats about five bookshelves full) and made a list of each one that I haven't read. I hope to read them all in my life time.

    Right now I am reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I'm also sort of reading Women in Love but I doubt I'll make it through. I'll probably pick up another book instead and try that book again later.

  3. I can't argue with any of that logic...especially the prayer thing. I'm glad you know we are there to support you in anything you choose. :0) muah!


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