22 July 2009

Blog block

I have no idea what to blog about......I wanna write something but my life is so uneventful at the moment that I don't have any inspiration hitting! So frustrating! So I'm looking to you guys for ideas :) Please comment about what you'd like to read about or discuss, etc. I'll leave you though with a little something:

My adorable lunchbox/purse! I think it's sooooo cute!
Disney Store, $8 + 20% discount :)
AND it fits everything I need

This was at the Museum of Natural History
Can you imagine the size of the PEARL comin outta this ?!
(could you imagine trying to be the seagull stupid enough to try and eat it?)

So ideas!! Leave some happy love and comment!!!


  1. Blog about your favorite recipes, oh master chef, you. Mayhaps I will steal a few. ;)

  2. no idea....I can't even think of what to blog in my blog right now...


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