30 July 2009

Alanis Morisette- Flavors of Entanglement

I love this album!
I've always liked Alanis but DANG!
She outdid herself with this one.
Now a few words of caution to those out there:
"Straitjacket" has some unfriendly words in it so get the radio version.
But other than that it's awesome!

This album is very new age/rock/pop/alternative ish.
Definitely check it out!

29 July 2009

Brand new blog! I need followers!

So I just made a new blog for recipes and such cuz I know that some of you are curious about recipes and things ;)

I am listening to your requests! ;)

Here's the link:

Become a follower!!
Really I'd be ok with that!


Seeing as I wanted to go to culinary school and all
(and it was requested :>)
I have two recipes here that are easy
and fun and sweet!

Cinnamon Banana Bread
I got this recipe from another friends' friend's blog.
(try saying that 5 times fast hahahaha)
But it's an awesome recipe that everyone likes.
Case and point, the picture above.
I just made this yesterday and already it's mostly gone.

3-4 mashed up bananas (if they're smaller bananas use more)
1 1/2 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 egg
a pinch of salt
1/4 cup melted butter
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 cups chocolate chips*

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl in the order shown above.
Bake at 350 for 50 minutes in greased bread pan.
*Chocolate chips are optional
but if you do use them bake for 60 minutes*

I love this bread, it's so easy and you can find most of this stuff in your kitchen.
Plus it's delicious with the chocolate chips or without ;)

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is from the book:
Grandma's Christmas Cookies
but I love it and my family really enjoys them.

3/4 cup Crisco shortening/Crisco sticks
1 1/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 egg
1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1 cup chopped pecans*

Combine all brown sugar, shortening, milk, egg, and vanilla and mix.
Add flour, baking soda and salt and mix again.
Preheat oven to 375.
Roll little balls of dough onto ungreased cookie sheets.
Bake for 8-10 minutes.

This recipe is soooo good! But I never use pecans.......ewwwww.
Definitely just add more chocolate to them ;)
I also double the recipe because this one only makes about 24 cookies
unless you make them really small
which is pointless. ;)

Enjoy your sweet treats!

Soon to come:
Salads, pasta, and meat!

27 July 2009

This is me

In case y'all haven't noticed already I like making things look more vintage-y and such.
I love the look of old school things (hence why most of my photos look a certain way).
The only thing is is that I don't really have a lot of vintage stuff other than cyber-ly on this blog hahahaha.
So here's my plan:

1. I wanna go to an antique store and buy a chair or something
that I can use in my house/bookstore someday
when I can afford to do so.

The type of sign that'll be outside

Not quite this modern of stair but there will be a spiral staircase ;)

2. I want to look the part.
Which unfortunately means I need to start
putting more effort into
how I look.....
plus some new clothes are definitely required.

3. I think it's time to learn how to use a sewing machine again.
Haven't used one since jr high.
I've handsewn everything I'e needed to.
Which consists of mending holes hahaha
But I wanna be able to make chair coverings,
Ya know?

Obviously will use a newer model to create such things though

4. I want to be Lauren Brimley/Ashley Bagley/all other gorgeous blondes.
They just know how to pull things off and I just really don't.
Nor do I know how to shop in a thrift store apparently.
Sizing has never been my friend but I'm willing to learn.

Lauren Brimley
see here for her blog
and here for her hilarious Twilight blog
and once more for her newest photography blog ;)

Ashley Bagley
Isn't she just gorgeous!?

5. I need to learn how to do my hair.
I know that sounds weird but srsly,
I can straighten and use a curling iron.
Oh wait! I can braid my hair too
but that's it.
Time for some lessons I think.

See what I mean? *shudder*

6. I want all these things but I wanna still be me.
I'm very laid back and quite frankly lazy.
Especially when it comes to my appearance.
Most of you already know this but hey
I'm admitting it now hahahaha

So how do I go about this? NO IDEA!
Any suggestions would be more than welcome ;)

(P.S. Some recipes will be coming shortly-just for you Lori ;>)

26 July 2009

My favorite books of all time (so far)

Ok so I decided it was time to tell y'all my favorites and then you can judge accordingly.
I love reading other people's favorite things so now you get to hear mine.
Yay you!

First off:
Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

This is my absolute favorite book! It's got everything in it:
Romance, sword fights, honor,
chivalry, kings, plots,
and did I mention 4 very handsome young men?
Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are the three that are talked about
but D'Artagnan joins them also as the fourth musketeer.
Definitely put it on your list of books to read!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The most beautiful love story IMHO (in my humble opinion).
Jane is an orphan that is forsaken by family
but is strong and independent.
She finds a job as a governess after finishing boarding school
and falls in love with her employer (who is old enough to be her father)
but Mr. Rochester holds a dark secret and when it is revealed
Jane must make a terrible choice.
I love this story, such a beautiful telling.

(P.S. for all you Twilight fans, this is where Stephenie Meyers got Edward's name ;>)

Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Can ya tell I'm a Dumas fan?
Again, the story of a man forsaken by all,
and determined to get his revenge for what was taken.
BTW, when you watch the movie
(cuz I know you probably will)
it's only slightly like the book. And boy do I mean, slightly.
Edmund Dantes, a sailor has everything he's ever wanted:
beautiful fiance Mercedes, captain of a boat, and a bright promising future
when he is accused of being a Bonapartist and is thrown into the
Chateau d'If for 14 years. When he escapes, he plans his revenge with the
treasure he's found at Monte Cristo.
Another great read for all you that like swashbuckling and revenge.

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Y'all know that I'm a huge child-at-heart as well as a Disney fan
so Peter Pan is definitely appropriate on my list :)
I love the innocence of this book.
It's so simply written so that everyone can read it and understand it.
Barrie wrote it like you were listneing to someone tell the story to you.
Plus who doesn't like a story about never growing up,
fairies, mermaids, pirates, Indians,
and adventure?
If you haven't already, pick this up and read it.

Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

I just wrote a whole blog on this one itself but I'll reiterate a little :)
(see here for that blog)
I love these books. I hadn't read any of them til I saw the first movie
(yes I hang my head in shame)
but after reading them all and reading them many times since
I have come to love them.
They bring to life so many lessons without you really realizing it.
Again, who doesn't love a little adventure?
These books are jam-packed with adventure ;)

Last (for now):
Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

This woman is truly amazing.
It all started with a napkin at a cafe.
I love these books.
They invite such imagination that I feel is lacking nowadays.
My brother and I never really liked to read much
until these books.
My mom found them and we started reading them together
and we were hopelessly hooked hahaha.
We waited every summer for the next installment
and cried when all was said and done.
But all I can say is:
If you're not reading these books because
"witchcraft and devilry are in it". BULL!
You just don't want to use your imagination or believe in something different.
Plus BTW, the whole story is about good witches/wizards battling bad ones.
And good always triumphs over evil.
Thank you J.K. for helping me use my imagination again
and for introducing me to books once more.

So these are my favorites. What are yours?

23 July 2009

Culinary School thing

Ok everyone remember the whole Culinary School: do or do not? thing?
Well I think I've decided.
I've prayed and prayed, gotten advice, waited to get a letter from my missionary
(since this kinda effects him too)
and I am not going to go.

It's $27,000 for 9 months. Now I know that that's really good and all but I can't afford it.
Plus I wanna go into more baking and some cooking but not overly cooking parts.
I love to bake which is a blessing and a curse but oh well.
I'm instead going to learn new recipes, study new techniques (ish) and maybe do a little catering later, later in my life.

And I'll have my friends to support me as I try to finish my silly little Associate's degree at MCC
Signed up today for one class (all I can afford for right now hahahaha) and I will finish next semester. I'm determined to graduate in May 2010. That way I am more accomplished than Andrew!! Hahahahaha :P

So thanks to all of y'all that were there to support me in either decision ;)

22 July 2009

I've just discovered Picnik!

Ok so this website is totally cool! I'm sure a lot of people already know about it but still! This is awesome! Here are the things I've done so far and I'm having so much fun!!!!

I think this one is WICKED-COOL!

Let me know what you think as well as if you have any favorites that YOU'VE made on Picnik!

(picnik.com and it's free!)

Blog block

I have no idea what to blog about......I wanna write something but my life is so uneventful at the moment that I don't have any inspiration hitting! So frustrating! So I'm looking to you guys for ideas :) Please comment about what you'd like to read about or discuss, etc. I'll leave you though with a little something:

My adorable lunchbox/purse! I think it's sooooo cute!
Disney Store, $8 + 20% discount :)
AND it fits everything I need

This was at the Museum of Natural History
Can you imagine the size of the PEARL comin outta this ?!
(could you imagine trying to be the seagull stupid enough to try and eat it?)

So ideas!! Leave some happy love and comment!!!

18 July 2009

Meeting New Friends

So y'all know that I have a missionary out in Argentina and he's been out 13 months (today actually). Well one of his companions, Chad Moody, also has an "amigovia" (which I'm assuming means some kind of girlfriend or something) and she and I finally got to hang out and have lunch together. She was so sweet and I just loved her on the spot (and yes I do know that she will be reading this hahahaha so I might be sucking up just a little bit :>)It was so nice to talk about Andrew to someone who didn't already know him and to be with someone else that's in the same situation as me. Anais, you are truly awesome and I can't wait for your wedding next summer!!! It'll be awesome!

And Chad, you are incredibly handsome and lucky. You couldn't've picked a better girl :) And I know that Andrew really enjoyed having you as a companion (this is in case you guys got transferred or something, if not then he is enjoying you as a companion) Keep up the good work dude!

And no worries fans, there will be more Ali and Anais adventures to come :)

17 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- MY review

Let me start off by saying this: I liked the movie in spite of the movie. You'll see what I mean in just a minute here. I'm gonna start with the things I loved and then the things that needed to be in there that weren't, SOOO if you haven't seen it yet DON'T READ ANY FURTHER CUZ OF SPOILERS!! Ok, down to business:

I loved Draco! He was absolutely amazing and I think he was my favorite, yeah pretty sure he was the favorite. Tom Felton did such a great job showing Draco's struggle and all that. LOVE!

I loved Snape. Now, I have always loved Alan Rickman, he's like the best. His voice is very soothing and attractive (yes, yes it is). I loved how he showed that Snape had some issues too with what was happening and that he wasn't sure if he still wanted to do it.

I am still in love with Ron. He was just so cute! Couldn't help but smile at his crazy personality and his faces during the Quidditch matches. LOVE!!

Harry and Hermione's brother/sister moment. (Right after Lavender kisses Ron) It was just so tender and sweet. You see Harry's softer side and it was just the sweetest thing I saw. I even teared up a little.....just a little....

BTW this isn't the moment I'm talking about, I couldn't find the actual picture of it sorry

Bellatrix! Holy cow she is soooooo cool! She is the prefect amount of creepy/cool/evil.

I loved the guy that played Tom Riddle (Voldemort) as a teenager! Holy cow!!! HE was creepy/cool/cute and was just plain awesome! Great choice!

And now for the bad news. Ready? Ok:

1. WTH was the with the pathetic-excuse-for-a-kiss that happened between Harry and Ginny???
It's like a huge deal in the book and they just killed it! Harry and Ginny are a big part of this whole thing HELLO!!!!

2. Why are we burning down the Burrow!? NO point I tell you, no point! Where are the Weasley's going to live? How are the Trio going to get started on the Horcrux thing if there's no wedding at the Burrow for the Death Eaters to crash?! GRRRRR

3. The lack of Bill and Fluer
There were no pictures (obviously) cuz they were not a part of the movie. I was so disappointed! Bill and Fluer are a big part now because Harry has to apparate to their house after the Malfoy house in the 7th book! And that's where Dobby dies!! GOOD GRIEF! I was so annoyed by this.

4. Lack of Fenir Greyback and it leading to Tonks and Lupin finally getting together.

When Dumbledore dies, there's a big battle at Hogwarts (this is the book mind you, not the movie) and Fenir Greyback, who's a werewolf like Lupin, starts terrorizing and biting the kids and ends up mangling Bill Weasley. Fluer still loves him which shocks Molly and because of that Tonks tells Lupin that they can be together cuz if Bill and Fluer can, they can. It's really a touching scene in the book. It gets completely bypassed in the movie.

5. No battle at Hogwarts at the end.
WTH!!! That's the biggest deal so far! Dumbledore is dead therefore there's a battle HELLO! But no, the Death Eaters just walk right on out without one person standing in the way other than Harry at Hagrid's house. WOOP-EE. It needed that final battle, srsly it did.

Now that you have read the review of mine, what did you think of the movie? Now like I said before, I loved the movie in its own media. If I compare it to the book, it ruins the movie and I don't wanna do that so I loved it in spite of itself! Hahahaha enjoy HP!!

13 July 2009

Video games and me

Video games have never been my friend. And everyone now knows it. Now my brothers are very good at video games and have tried to help me with my hand/eye/button-pressing coordination...poor guys.... I have only ever beat ONE game all by myself and that was Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Yay me! Well my bro just bought a PS2, we are a strictly a Nintendo family so this was all new to me. I hated the buttons....grrrrrr...but anyways that's besides the point. All y'all know how much I love Disney and just how happy it makes me ;) So Nick bought Kingdom Hearts to go with the PS2 and it's a Disney/Final Fantasy game!!! Oh snap!And then the other day he came home with Kingdom Hearts 2!!
I was so excited!! So I've been playing these two games and it's been so fun!! I love getting to play and it's Disney movies and characters! And no, I haven't beat either one of them. I've been watching Nick play it more often than me play cuz he's a lot faster than me hahahaha

So if you like Disney and video games, definitely get this one!!! ;)

10 July 2009

Things I think are WAY coolspice to counter the lamespice of last night

OK so I did the whole lamespice thing and now I want to do a WAY coolspice one bahahaha What? Jealous YOU didn't think of it? Yeah I know, I'm amazing ;)
So here goes:

1. Disney is the bomb no matter what anyone says!
Jealous of my castle? Yeah you should be :)

2. I love cherry limeades even if most people don't :)
{namely Lauren Brimley}
Especially at Happy Hour when I can get a Route 44 for like a dollar :)

3. I love bright colors.
They make a room look like home, cheer people up, and are just plain awesome!

4. My box fan.
I need noise to sleep at night (see here for funny story on that) and my fan is beautiful.
Keeps me cool and calm while I sleep :)

5. Black and white photos
They're just classy :)

6. I am such a movie freak it's silly :)
Blame my dad for that one....being a film major and all.
Srsly....ask me a question about a any movie (That's not R-rated) and I'll probably know the answer......it's sad hahahaha

7. I am a semi-Trekky.
Love Star Trek but I'm not one to go to a convention or anything...
that's be crossing the line to insanity :)

old school....

new school....

any kinda school!

8. Letters
both from missionaries and friends :)
There's just something abut getting an actual letter in the mail (*gasp* mail??? What is this mail you speak of??) and opening an envelope that's way cooler than an email on the computer :)
Of course there's way more things that I think are cool but this would be one monster of a post if I listed them all so now it's your turn! And tag me in your post of coolspice stuff ;)