28 June 2009

"We kissed and my heart did a whiz-bang-flip-flop-heaven for a minute...."

I know I've talked about this before but too bad y'all get to hear it again ;) And you love me for it so HA!

I love Broadway shows. Always have and always will. I would love to get on that stage and sing and dance my little heart out but I lack the talent to do so. I can carry a tune to an extent but dancing.......I might as well have two left feet. More like clubbed feet actually. (See here for details on THAT!) But that is my passion. So I stay behind the scenes and do what I can to help productions work.

This past week was AYT's Thoroughly Modern Millie and it was truly amazing! The cast was awesome, set was awesome, dancing/story/singing was awesome......the stage........not so awesome. We perform on a crappy stage and we are a non-profit organization so donations are what we live on but that's besides the point.

Anyways! So I watched almost every show, 4 out of 6 is good right? ;) I saw the pillars fall and almost kill the girls dancing on stage (what a thrill the first scene gave us), I saw brilliant dancing, I saw stars created.

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to record my own versions of some of my favorite Broadway songs. Yes it's a crazy dream but when I need to get any type of emotion out, I pop in a certain song for each emotion since that's what these are written for and just belt it out or whisper it (whichever is appropriate for the song) and my world is just all the better afterwards. I love the passion with which these singers perform these numbers and I mirror that passion in my own way. I'm not very gifted in that way per say but that's been one of my dreams since I was a kid. When I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway at age 9 I was spellbound. Everything was so magical and I imagined myself down there dancing in a yellow dress with the Beast on the stage (granted it was Gammage so I just saw a speck of yellow but I knew the story hahahaha). I have grown up listening to different shows and know a lot of them by heart, most are the Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals but hey his are really good (most of them anyway). My favorites are the ones that you can hear the pain/sadness/happiness/etc of the singers in the songs. Like Wicked, Aida, Phantom of the Opera, EVITA, Les Miserables, Hairspray, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, West Side Story, and many others that I of course can't think of now.

After just finishing a show there's a sense of relief, sadness, jubilation, and disappointment. And I always get really involved in these shows that AYT does, which I love btw, so I also feel these emotions even though I'm not acting in it. But as I've said, this is my passion and something I will probably be doing for the rest of my life and maybe someday, I'll get that recording thing done. Maybe one of my kids will go into that or something hahahahaha ;)

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