17 June 2009

Stage setting/painting/building

So y'all know that my family is involved in a youth theater group here in good 'ol Mesa: Mom's President of the Board of Directors, Dad does the website, the boys perform in the shows, and I do backstage stuff (well actually more like everything not to do with the stage, I do the keepsakes and such). So this summer our group is performing Thoroughly Modern Millie and neither of the boys are in the show and yet I get stuck doing the set stuff.....explain this please??

Not that I mind, I mean I really don't. I like being involved in what the boys and such do, it's cool. I find it funny that I get to paint and such for a show that my bros aren't in hahahahaha. I got so involved that I painted my legs and knees and everything! Yeah I'm dedicated I know ;)

So here's what we did: there were walls that we took down on the sides and there was a center wall on stage that we also took down (by we I mean, the men dissembled it and we women took it away). We painted the stage black (cuz the Duttons had painted it purple/red/white with a road down the middle). We didn't have enough paint on Monday night so the picture only shows what we were able to do hahahaha and yes, there's a smiley face on the stage that I painted ;)

So that was all we could do for now cuz none of the pieces for the set were there. THAT happened yesterday.

So the guys load up the truck with all the stuff from the shop and bring it to the theater and we painted it. 5 doors and 2 arches, sounds easy right? WRONG!! We painted and hooked up the track and painted some more. We didn't leave until midnight (my dad stayed longer to help the set guy finish putting up the track) talk about insane!

This is just what the bottom of me (minus my feet/flip-flops) looked like when we were done (luckily you can't smell me hahahaha)My feet and flip-flops were pretty covered too in cream and oatmeal colored paint. The oatmeal colored paint also looked and felt like oatmeal.....it was sicknast. And it smelled like major nasty butt/B.O. *shudder*

But you know what is the best feeling about it all? I get to look at that stage all next week and say "I painted that, and hooked that, etc." How awesome is that?!

I also had to hold the curtain away from the stage so the paint could dry hahahahaha

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