19 June 2009

My grandpa

My grandpa is so amazing! He's like the "saltiest sea dog" ever ;) (And no, he was never in any military branch at all thanks to the birth of my mother. She often reminds him of that) He was my first best friend and still is one of the best friends I've ever had. When I was little, I was the only one who got to touch the baseball cards he's collected over the years (I also sucked on some, but only the ones he had multiples of or that I could reach hahahaha). He had a room separate for all of his baseball cards and my grandma called it "The Cardroom" but as I was too little to pronounce my d's with ease it became and has stuck to "The Caroom" ("car-room"). Yeah I know, I'm special and awesome ;)

My grandparents lived in California for most of my life, they only moved here to Mesa about 2 1/2 or 3 years ago so we made frequent road trips to visit them ;) My grandpa taught Institute for 27 years in Santa Monica (where me and my brother Nick were born) and my grandma taught there too. He is an amazing teacher and I'm not just saying that. He knows SOOO much! Whenever I have a question about doctrine or scriptures, etc I ask him cuz he either knows or knows how to find out. Always helps when I'm writing a talk ;)

When I was 10 my grandpa was in the hospital because of an exploding hernia and when the doctors gave him one of the antibiotics it sent him into a coma and he actually died on the table. The doctor revived him but then the coma set in. He was in ICU for 7 weeks (my mom and grandma were there with him) and he couldn't speak for the longest time. I remember going to visit grandma while he was there and I talked to him on the phone but all he could do was tap the table to help me know he was listening. Finally after those 7 weeks he was moved to a normal room for another 5 weeks and I was able to come with my aunt to bring him home from the hospital (as a surprise).

Since then, his health has done so many ups and downs I get sick thinking about it. This past March he was diagnosed with stage 5 melnoma and they were able to take that out and he's ok in that department. But last week he was diagnosed with colon cancr now and has a tumor in his colon. He's going in for surgery today at 9 to remove the tumor, 1/3 of his right colon, and his gall bladder. We all feel good about the doctor and her technique, but still we feel anxious (of course) and after his surgery he will be in the ICU for awhile. We're not sure how long but his body will need to adjust to having only part of his colon and such.

This is the picture the doctor drew of what the surgery would be

Please keep my grandpa in your thoughts and prayers. He's my best friend and is such an amazing man.
And through it all he has a smile ;)


  1. What a great grandpa. I hope his surgery went well.

  2. It did ;) He's doing really well and getting better and better ;) Thanks

  3. HEY how do you get the fonts on here? Please help me!!

  4. Go down the side of my blog til you see "I changed my fonts at thecutestblogontheblock.com" and click on it. It'll take you to their site and go to blogging secrets ;)


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