03 June 2009

Loops, and how I am kicked out of them

Ok. So I was on Facebook today (like every other day of my life hahaha) and saw that yet another one of my friends got married and I hadn't even gotten an announcement! They asked for addresses, like every other engaged couple, and then I don't hear from them and then I see pictures from their reception to which obviously I had not been invited to! I know that this shouldn't really bother me but for some reason it totally does! Grrrr!

Ok ok I'm much better now. Whew that was fun, but friends if you're gonna get married and you ask for addresses to send things to, let people know if they're not gonna get one and then post a time or something! No one wants to miss out on getting more gifts godness sakes ;) I know that not everyone that sends an address is gonna get an announcement, totally cool, but srsly a little warning might have been nice just sayin'.

Anyways! So most of these loops are from high school and apparently I've been kicked out of them hahahaha but you know what? I'm ok with it, really I am. I know how it happened and I'm not gonna get on my soapbox anymore about cuz I already did (see above). I have a few great friends and that's all I need to get through my day/year/everything so who needs the loops?? ;) ;)


  1. I am sure that was a huge mistake! I tried to send an announcement to every single person who gave me their address. If I missed someone then it was an error. I bet that is what happened to you too! I am sorry you feel like your friends are forgetting you!

  2. Yeah normally I wouldn't care, but it's like all my friends from high school other than Noelle. I only knew about yours cuz Haley told Andrew hahahahaha but that was cuz I had no way to get a hold of you until Facebook/blog so I forgive you ;) ;) I'll get over it no worries

  3. I know the same thing happened to me the other day. Everyone is getting married now a days but it's all good.


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