14 June 2009

It's been a year now....

I can't believe an entire year has gone by so fast! A year ago now, my heart was in many pieces (metaphorically speaking) because my missionary had left. There are still times when it hurts that he's not here but I couldn't be more happy for him and proud that he's out there doing the Lord's work. So I thought I'd write here the story of how Andrew and I met/dated/etc in case anybody cares and doesn't know already ;) Here goes:

Andrew and I went to Westwood together but we couldn't stand each other. I thought he was an obnoxious little beast and he thought the same basic thing (only I was quieter than he was). For two years we just kinda passed each other in the halls and didn't really notice until senior year in March (ish). For some unknown reason, he had started to talking to me during classes, thus causing me to get in trouble WAY more than necessary. And he was nice to talk to, but that was it, I didn't really want anything else to do with him. I had another crush at the moment hahahahaha. Then we went to graduation "orientation" and exchanged numbers cuz it'd be easier to sneak the phones than actually talk ya know? Plus a friend of mine had said that he talked about me (in a good way) when I wasn't around. I thought, "WHY?" So I texted him and found out why. I'm very very subtle ;)

Turns out he was crushing on me (as well as some others) and was just saying what a cool girl I was. Gee, that made me feel feel quite swell what can I say? ;) So we started texting more often and it kinda snowballed. After graduation, we hung out a little bit (with other people, including the other two girls he was crushing on) but nothing really was going we thought. Turns out that the two others he was looking at were my two best friends, Kayde and Noelle. Talk about ironic and idiotic. So, naturally, I decided not to like him since the other two had already said that they had a thing for him so I backed off. I'm so nice I know ;) Now that doesn't mean that we didn't talk cuz we did. I went to New York on my senior trip and that's when we really started to text and flirt more than I thought we would (and let me tell you that it was really really nice to have someone to flirt with after being horribly dumped by a chump a year beforehand) and we had a lot of fun texting silly things back and forth. Little did I know that i was falling for him, I wasn't paying attention to that kind of thing.

After I got home, Andrew left for his senior trip, Alaskan cruise (which is still his top second favorite vacation he's taken) so we weren't able to talk for awhile seeing as he was on a boat in the ocean and all hahahahaha but when he got back he came to see me and had bought me a ring and a necklace from Alaska, so sweet. He asked me to "marry him" with a ring that wouldn't even fit on my finger hahahaha it was silly but cute. I wear that ring on a chain now cuz that's the only way I can wear it hahaha. So then I knew that I had fallen and I didn't know what to do about it. Crap!

So we three girls would text and talk to him all the time and all three were trying to not compete but compete at the same time. It was funny and games until Andrew decided to use the same line on Noelle that he had used on me. Looking back, I have no idea why I got so upset at him for this (neither does he but now we both think it must have been some sort of sign) but I got really really mad. Enough that I wouldn't text him back and even turned my phone off (major dis). I cried myself to sleep and couldn't figure out why and he ate doughnuts, Doritos, and chocolate for dinner and breakfast (Hahahahaha such a girl ;) ). When I woke up the next morning, I sent him a very long text explaining lots of different things and we said we'd meet up later to talk face to face cuz it'd be much easier. So later came and we me
t up and just talked. For about 2 1/2 hours and then we felt so much better. And then he just kissed me. Surprise surprise! Talk about a major head spin!! SOOOO not expecting that to happen but it did.

And so now I'm thinking, "CRAP! What about Kayde and Noelle?! I'm such a backstabber! What do I do now?" Andrew was thinking the same thing. So I said that I'd tell Noelle since I was seeing her later that night, and he was in charge of telling Kayde since he was seeing her that night. But what were we gonna say? He said, "I've been feeling like you were the one I should be with (PSHAW I thought)." So we decided to date, later it turned into boyfriend/girlfriend and we had a great year together before his mission.

We laughed, cried, were silly, etc. He was there for me whenever I needed him, especially after my little girl (not my real little girl but the one I "adopted" in the ward) died and it just threw me for a loop. I was a complete mess, hair all nasty, been crying all day, Kayde had come and brought me food and comfort all day too, and I looked sicknast but he didn't care. I loved him for that. He was there for me when my brother was taken to the hospital and then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was in the ICU for a few days, he came and made dinner for me and my family and didn't leave until my dad had gotten home and made him eat something. Andrew also was there for me when I was the sick one and helped give me a blessing and that just made him all the more wonderful to me. I was so happy that he was worthy to give me that blessing that I needed.

Andrew's been gone a year now and it's gone by so fast! I didn't even realize it at first but holy cow! I'm so proud of him and I couldn't be happier that he's out there serving. We've known for awhile that he and I are meant to be, so I just need to continue to support him from home and he is just serving the Lord with all his might and I know he is. He is such an amazing man and I'm just happy to be the girl that he writes back home, I love getting his letters because I can see the man that he's becoming and I couldn't be more grateful for him and for all that he's teaching me without him even knowing it.

Just one more year to go! I can't wait til the day comes when I can see him again ;) ;) And I hope this wasn't too mushy for you all hahahahaha ;)


  1. Where to begin, where to begin? This post was so fun to read. ^_^ You two are both awesome. (My question: Who was the other person you were crushing on before liking Andrew? lol) Time flies and he'll be home before you know it. Trust me. I'm figuring that one out. I miss seeing you, Ali! You're a great girl. (And thanks for the updates!)

  2. Awe thanks Courtney! I was crushing on a junior (silly little thing). I won't say his name just in case he reads it or so that it doesn't get back to him hahahahaha. I'm really glad that it's so soon. When does James get back??

  3. Doesn't James come home beginning of october? I had forgotten about *the unnamed junior* but now i remember. I see him sometimes at the dr's office now though. It's sort of awkward. It's crazy that his year mark is in FOUR days. Wow. Good for him. We have had a lot of drama in our years together haven't we? I really like that last picture of you two. It's one of your better casual shots.

    So ps, we should get together. Soon, us and Kayde. You could come see my house..?

  4. James said in his last letter end of October, which probably means he doesn't know yet. But I'm assuming the 2nd or 3rd week of October. Not very long at all.

    Can I join in a get together?

  5. We should all do the painting party! I think it's a great idea yes, yes I do ;)

    I'm brilliant ;) Plus then I can disclose "unnamed junior" name ;) Hahahaha

  6. Aww Ali I love reading your blogs especially this one. It's really cute and makes me want to write my own.


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