07 June 2009

How I have forever been dubbed: "Cindersoot/Cinderella"

This past weekend I was hanging with my BFFs Ruth and Kayde. We had a staycation rather than a vacation. Yeah I know, we're brilliant. We watched movies, chilled, did each other's toes and fingers and talked etc etc etc. Case and point: me dying Ruth's hair for her ;)

Well after Kayde went home on Thursday night, Ruth and I stayed up til about 2 in the morning watching more cartoons hahahaha and then we were like yeah, bedtime fo'sho. So let me set this up mmmk?

I need noise to sleep. It's just a fact of my life, and I'm not talking about subtle noises that you hear the house making or anything like that, no. I mean like a constant sound but not music. Yes I know I'm picky but oh well deal with it!

So she has a fan that I could use for the noise factor (definitely did NOT need it for keeping cool I tell you what!) so I point it away from the blinds cuz listening to that all night would've been so much fun....and we went to bed. I woke up with the sun and really needed to use the facility, ya know how it is....nature and all. So I went and then trotted back to bed. When I woke up for reals I noticed that my bed was covered, and I mean covered, in little black dots. I was also covered in black dots (well my face was cuz that was all that was above the covers). So I think to myself, "Huh.....weird....maybe her A/C had a coughing fit in the middle of the night....odd." But no worries, I washed my face off and just kinda dismissed it. Then when Ruth came out she was all, "Ali this is soot." And we're both thinking, "Say what now? Soot???" Then we both look over at the fan....and where I had happened to place it.....yeah, in front of her fireplace, thus creating a whirlwind of soot to fly around the room!

We died! It was so funny!!! Messy of course but hilarious! We washed the sheets and my pajamas and made everything as good as new hahahaha while laughing the entire time. Kayde then bequeathed me with Cinderella/CinderSoot depending on the situation. And yes, I am so proud of myself and my stupidity but come on I mean it
was 2 AM! ;) ;)


  1. Cindersoot. I like it. Hopefully it never happens again though

  2. Hahahahahaha but it was funny too hahahaha


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