28 June 2009

"We kissed and my heart did a whiz-bang-flip-flop-heaven for a minute...."

I know I've talked about this before but too bad y'all get to hear it again ;) And you love me for it so HA!

I love Broadway shows. Always have and always will. I would love to get on that stage and sing and dance my little heart out but I lack the talent to do so. I can carry a tune to an extent but dancing.......I might as well have two left feet. More like clubbed feet actually. (See here for details on THAT!) But that is my passion. So I stay behind the scenes and do what I can to help productions work.

This past week was AYT's Thoroughly Modern Millie and it was truly amazing! The cast was awesome, set was awesome, dancing/story/singing was awesome......the stage........not so awesome. We perform on a crappy stage and we are a non-profit organization so donations are what we live on but that's besides the point.

Anyways! So I watched almost every show, 4 out of 6 is good right? ;) I saw the pillars fall and almost kill the girls dancing on stage (what a thrill the first scene gave us), I saw brilliant dancing, I saw stars created.

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to record my own versions of some of my favorite Broadway songs. Yes it's a crazy dream but when I need to get any type of emotion out, I pop in a certain song for each emotion since that's what these are written for and just belt it out or whisper it (whichever is appropriate for the song) and my world is just all the better afterwards. I love the passion with which these singers perform these numbers and I mirror that passion in my own way. I'm not very gifted in that way per say but that's been one of my dreams since I was a kid. When I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway at age 9 I was spellbound. Everything was so magical and I imagined myself down there dancing in a yellow dress with the Beast on the stage (granted it was Gammage so I just saw a speck of yellow but I knew the story hahahaha). I have grown up listening to different shows and know a lot of them by heart, most are the Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals but hey his are really good (most of them anyway). My favorites are the ones that you can hear the pain/sadness/happiness/etc of the singers in the songs. Like Wicked, Aida, Phantom of the Opera, EVITA, Les Miserables, Hairspray, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, West Side Story, and many others that I of course can't think of now.

After just finishing a show there's a sense of relief, sadness, jubilation, and disappointment. And I always get really involved in these shows that AYT does, which I love btw, so I also feel these emotions even though I'm not acting in it. But as I've said, this is my passion and something I will probably be doing for the rest of my life and maybe someday, I'll get that recording thing done. Maybe one of my kids will go into that or something hahahahaha ;)

19 June 2009

My grandpa

My grandpa is so amazing! He's like the "saltiest sea dog" ever ;) (And no, he was never in any military branch at all thanks to the birth of my mother. She often reminds him of that) He was my first best friend and still is one of the best friends I've ever had. When I was little, I was the only one who got to touch the baseball cards he's collected over the years (I also sucked on some, but only the ones he had multiples of or that I could reach hahahaha). He had a room separate for all of his baseball cards and my grandma called it "The Cardroom" but as I was too little to pronounce my d's with ease it became and has stuck to "The Caroom" ("car-room"). Yeah I know, I'm special and awesome ;)

My grandparents lived in California for most of my life, they only moved here to Mesa about 2 1/2 or 3 years ago so we made frequent road trips to visit them ;) My grandpa taught Institute for 27 years in Santa Monica (where me and my brother Nick were born) and my grandma taught there too. He is an amazing teacher and I'm not just saying that. He knows SOOO much! Whenever I have a question about doctrine or scriptures, etc I ask him cuz he either knows or knows how to find out. Always helps when I'm writing a talk ;)

When I was 10 my grandpa was in the hospital because of an exploding hernia and when the doctors gave him one of the antibiotics it sent him into a coma and he actually died on the table. The doctor revived him but then the coma set in. He was in ICU for 7 weeks (my mom and grandma were there with him) and he couldn't speak for the longest time. I remember going to visit grandma while he was there and I talked to him on the phone but all he could do was tap the table to help me know he was listening. Finally after those 7 weeks he was moved to a normal room for another 5 weeks and I was able to come with my aunt to bring him home from the hospital (as a surprise).

Since then, his health has done so many ups and downs I get sick thinking about it. This past March he was diagnosed with stage 5 melnoma and they were able to take that out and he's ok in that department. But last week he was diagnosed with colon cancr now and has a tumor in his colon. He's going in for surgery today at 9 to remove the tumor, 1/3 of his right colon, and his gall bladder. We all feel good about the doctor and her technique, but still we feel anxious (of course) and after his surgery he will be in the ICU for awhile. We're not sure how long but his body will need to adjust to having only part of his colon and such.

This is the picture the doctor drew of what the surgery would be

Please keep my grandpa in your thoughts and prayers. He's my best friend and is such an amazing man.
And through it all he has a smile ;)

17 June 2009

Stage setting/painting/building

So y'all know that my family is involved in a youth theater group here in good 'ol Mesa: Mom's President of the Board of Directors, Dad does the website, the boys perform in the shows, and I do backstage stuff (well actually more like everything not to do with the stage, I do the keepsakes and such). So this summer our group is performing Thoroughly Modern Millie and neither of the boys are in the show and yet I get stuck doing the set stuff.....explain this please??

Not that I mind, I mean I really don't. I like being involved in what the boys and such do, it's cool. I find it funny that I get to paint and such for a show that my bros aren't in hahahahaha. I got so involved that I painted my legs and knees and everything! Yeah I'm dedicated I know ;)

So here's what we did: there were walls that we took down on the sides and there was a center wall on stage that we also took down (by we I mean, the men dissembled it and we women took it away). We painted the stage black (cuz the Duttons had painted it purple/red/white with a road down the middle). We didn't have enough paint on Monday night so the picture only shows what we were able to do hahahaha and yes, there's a smiley face on the stage that I painted ;)

So that was all we could do for now cuz none of the pieces for the set were there. THAT happened yesterday.

So the guys load up the truck with all the stuff from the shop and bring it to the theater and we painted it. 5 doors and 2 arches, sounds easy right? WRONG!! We painted and hooked up the track and painted some more. We didn't leave until midnight (my dad stayed longer to help the set guy finish putting up the track) talk about insane!

This is just what the bottom of me (minus my feet/flip-flops) looked like when we were done (luckily you can't smell me hahahaha)My feet and flip-flops were pretty covered too in cream and oatmeal colored paint. The oatmeal colored paint also looked and felt like oatmeal.....it was sicknast. And it smelled like major nasty butt/B.O. *shudder*

But you know what is the best feeling about it all? I get to look at that stage all next week and say "I painted that, and hooked that, etc." How awesome is that?!

I also had to hold the curtain away from the stage so the paint could dry hahahahaha

14 June 2009

It's been a year now....

I can't believe an entire year has gone by so fast! A year ago now, my heart was in many pieces (metaphorically speaking) because my missionary had left. There are still times when it hurts that he's not here but I couldn't be more happy for him and proud that he's out there doing the Lord's work. So I thought I'd write here the story of how Andrew and I met/dated/etc in case anybody cares and doesn't know already ;) Here goes:

Andrew and I went to Westwood together but we couldn't stand each other. I thought he was an obnoxious little beast and he thought the same basic thing (only I was quieter than he was). For two years we just kinda passed each other in the halls and didn't really notice until senior year in March (ish). For some unknown reason, he had started to talking to me during classes, thus causing me to get in trouble WAY more than necessary. And he was nice to talk to, but that was it, I didn't really want anything else to do with him. I had another crush at the moment hahahahaha. Then we went to graduation "orientation" and exchanged numbers cuz it'd be easier to sneak the phones than actually talk ya know? Plus a friend of mine had said that he talked about me (in a good way) when I wasn't around. I thought, "WHY?" So I texted him and found out why. I'm very very subtle ;)

Turns out he was crushing on me (as well as some others) and was just saying what a cool girl I was. Gee, that made me feel feel quite swell what can I say? ;) So we started texting more often and it kinda snowballed. After graduation, we hung out a little bit (with other people, including the other two girls he was crushing on) but nothing really was going we thought. Turns out that the two others he was looking at were my two best friends, Kayde and Noelle. Talk about ironic and idiotic. So, naturally, I decided not to like him since the other two had already said that they had a thing for him so I backed off. I'm so nice I know ;) Now that doesn't mean that we didn't talk cuz we did. I went to New York on my senior trip and that's when we really started to text and flirt more than I thought we would (and let me tell you that it was really really nice to have someone to flirt with after being horribly dumped by a chump a year beforehand) and we had a lot of fun texting silly things back and forth. Little did I know that i was falling for him, I wasn't paying attention to that kind of thing.

After I got home, Andrew left for his senior trip, Alaskan cruise (which is still his top second favorite vacation he's taken) so we weren't able to talk for awhile seeing as he was on a boat in the ocean and all hahahahaha but when he got back he came to see me and had bought me a ring and a necklace from Alaska, so sweet. He asked me to "marry him" with a ring that wouldn't even fit on my finger hahahaha it was silly but cute. I wear that ring on a chain now cuz that's the only way I can wear it hahaha. So then I knew that I had fallen and I didn't know what to do about it. Crap!

So we three girls would text and talk to him all the time and all three were trying to not compete but compete at the same time. It was funny and games until Andrew decided to use the same line on Noelle that he had used on me. Looking back, I have no idea why I got so upset at him for this (neither does he but now we both think it must have been some sort of sign) but I got really really mad. Enough that I wouldn't text him back and even turned my phone off (major dis). I cried myself to sleep and couldn't figure out why and he ate doughnuts, Doritos, and chocolate for dinner and breakfast (Hahahahaha such a girl ;) ). When I woke up the next morning, I sent him a very long text explaining lots of different things and we said we'd meet up later to talk face to face cuz it'd be much easier. So later came and we me
t up and just talked. For about 2 1/2 hours and then we felt so much better. And then he just kissed me. Surprise surprise! Talk about a major head spin!! SOOOO not expecting that to happen but it did.

And so now I'm thinking, "CRAP! What about Kayde and Noelle?! I'm such a backstabber! What do I do now?" Andrew was thinking the same thing. So I said that I'd tell Noelle since I was seeing her later that night, and he was in charge of telling Kayde since he was seeing her that night. But what were we gonna say? He said, "I've been feeling like you were the one I should be with (PSHAW I thought)." So we decided to date, later it turned into boyfriend/girlfriend and we had a great year together before his mission.

We laughed, cried, were silly, etc. He was there for me whenever I needed him, especially after my little girl (not my real little girl but the one I "adopted" in the ward) died and it just threw me for a loop. I was a complete mess, hair all nasty, been crying all day, Kayde had come and brought me food and comfort all day too, and I looked sicknast but he didn't care. I loved him for that. He was there for me when my brother was taken to the hospital and then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was in the ICU for a few days, he came and made dinner for me and my family and didn't leave until my dad had gotten home and made him eat something. Andrew also was there for me when I was the sick one and helped give me a blessing and that just made him all the more wonderful to me. I was so happy that he was worthy to give me that blessing that I needed.

Andrew's been gone a year now and it's gone by so fast! I didn't even realize it at first but holy cow! I'm so proud of him and I couldn't be happier that he's out there serving. We've known for awhile that he and I are meant to be, so I just need to continue to support him from home and he is just serving the Lord with all his might and I know he is. He is such an amazing man and I'm just happy to be the girl that he writes back home, I love getting his letters because I can see the man that he's becoming and I couldn't be more grateful for him and for all that he's teaching me without him even knowing it.

Just one more year to go! I can't wait til the day comes when I can see him again ;) ;) And I hope this wasn't too mushy for you all hahahahaha ;)

07 June 2009

How I have forever been dubbed: "Cindersoot/Cinderella"

This past weekend I was hanging with my BFFs Ruth and Kayde. We had a staycation rather than a vacation. Yeah I know, we're brilliant. We watched movies, chilled, did each other's toes and fingers and talked etc etc etc. Case and point: me dying Ruth's hair for her ;)

Well after Kayde went home on Thursday night, Ruth and I stayed up til about 2 in the morning watching more cartoons hahahaha and then we were like yeah, bedtime fo'sho. So let me set this up mmmk?

I need noise to sleep. It's just a fact of my life, and I'm not talking about subtle noises that you hear the house making or anything like that, no. I mean like a constant sound but not music. Yes I know I'm picky but oh well deal with it!

So she has a fan that I could use for the noise factor (definitely did NOT need it for keeping cool I tell you what!) so I point it away from the blinds cuz listening to that all night would've been so much fun....and we went to bed. I woke up with the sun and really needed to use the facility, ya know how it is....nature and all. So I went and then trotted back to bed. When I woke up for reals I noticed that my bed was covered, and I mean covered, in little black dots. I was also covered in black dots (well my face was cuz that was all that was above the covers). So I think to myself, "Huh.....weird....maybe her A/C had a coughing fit in the middle of the night....odd." But no worries, I washed my face off and just kinda dismissed it. Then when Ruth came out she was all, "Ali this is soot." And we're both thinking, "Say what now? Soot???" Then we both look over at the fan....and where I had happened to place it.....yeah, in front of her fireplace, thus creating a whirlwind of soot to fly around the room!

We died! It was so funny!!! Messy of course but hilarious! We washed the sheets and my pajamas and made everything as good as new hahahaha while laughing the entire time. Kayde then bequeathed me with Cinderella/CinderSoot depending on the situation. And yes, I am so proud of myself and my stupidity but come on I mean it
was 2 AM! ;) ;)

05 June 2009

Discussion Friday

Thoughts on this? I found it fully AWESOME!

03 June 2009

Loops, and how I am kicked out of them

Ok. So I was on Facebook today (like every other day of my life hahaha) and saw that yet another one of my friends got married and I hadn't even gotten an announcement! They asked for addresses, like every other engaged couple, and then I don't hear from them and then I see pictures from their reception to which obviously I had not been invited to! I know that this shouldn't really bother me but for some reason it totally does! Grrrr!

Ok ok I'm much better now. Whew that was fun, but friends if you're gonna get married and you ask for addresses to send things to, let people know if they're not gonna get one and then post a time or something! No one wants to miss out on getting more gifts godness sakes ;) I know that not everyone that sends an address is gonna get an announcement, totally cool, but srsly a little warning might have been nice just sayin'.

Anyways! So most of these loops are from high school and apparently I've been kicked out of them hahahaha but you know what? I'm ok with it, really I am. I know how it happened and I'm not gonna get on my soapbox anymore about cuz I already did (see above). I have a few great friends and that's all I need to get through my day/year/everything so who needs the loops?? ;) ;)