11 May 2009

Movies with beautiful men ;)

So this past weekend I saw both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek
Now I know what some of you must be thinking... she saw the Star Trek movie?! 
Is she crazy?! 
Why yes, yes I am ;) And proud of it. 
I grew up watching the old school movies and shows with my dad 
and I got embarrassed when I saw that they were making 
yet another Star trek movie and how I probably would have to watch it to watch my dad. 
BUT then I saw him:

And my heart went *pitter-patter*
and I said, "It's Nicholas from Princess Diaries 2!!!" 
My dad was all "What? No that's the new Captian Kirk on Star Trek." 
I resolved then and there to go see it regardless of any ridicule. 
And it was SOOOO incredibly worth it! 
The movie is so not like what I grew up with 
but has enough of the old school to make the true-blood Trekkys all happy ;) 
And us new kids on the block might just find ourselves becoming Trekkys with them. 
It was amazing so go see it if you haven't already! 
(I'll even tell you a secret: AMC lets you in for $5 every weekend before noon, so go then!!)
  I'm in love with his eyes........mmmmmyes! ^BTW, not Spock
One beautiful man down, one to go!

So Wolverine has never really been my favorite hero until Hugh Jackman took the role. 
Then I was a fan and will be forever.
I really liked Wolverine in spite of all the violence. 
Now I used to watch the cartoons back in the day 
but it's been awhile can anyone tell me if Victor Creed becomes Sabertooth? 
I'm assuming he does but like I said, I haven't seen it in awhile.

I mean, how can you not love this??
  You work those claws my man! It totally goes with the jacket!

Now truly, I don't give it anymore esteem because it premiered here in AZ. 
Big woop. 
I like in spite of the premiere here.
It's got a great cast like dang holy cow! 
There are people in that cast thatI didn't hink I would see like Dominic Monaghan 
(Merry from LOTR) and the guy in LOST that shot Ben/Russo's daughter out of cold blood.
It's insane!

Those were my two beautiful men I got to spend some quality time with on Saturday
and I wil definitely be spending more time with them either at the theater again 
or when they come to DVD ;)


  1. ok, the picture of chris pine in the star trek symbol. oh so sexy. Yes. I like.

  2. Yeah he's basically the sexiest thing to walk the planet, not gonna lie (Rob Pattison's up there too though)


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