20 May 2009

Life pursuits

So....again with the whole, what-to-do-with-my-life bit. Prepared? Good here goes:

Ali has many different things to think about majoring in. I like too many things that would be good and fun for a career and can't decide. I feel a little lost and confused and therefore wouldst like some opinions from her beloved followers/friends ;)

I love history (see here for details on that subject), and have a huge adventurous side.

I love movies so a career in movies (just about anything there) would be incredible, though I'd really like to have the job that keeps movies together-meaning keep them consistent in both plot and cinematically. (Like in Lord of the Rings, Legolas has blue eyes half the time and brown the other half.....say what!?)

I like astronomy and learning about planets and such, but I'm not so good at the math and science things.........so yeah I don't know........

Here are some things I know I can't do: join the circus, they got enough freaks in their show; scuba dive for treasure, JAWS....nuff said.....; design clothing, can't draw to save my life or anyone else's.

So now's your chance to put your two cents in for a career choice to help me figure out my life ;) K? Thanks!!!

P.S. being a mom doesn't count cuz that's already part of the future plan hahahahaha suckas!


  1. That is quite the decision. I am not sure what to tell you because I had a really hard time deciding myself. But I can say that once you do decide, it is the most peaceful feeling. It is so nice to finally know where you are headed. Good luck!

    I am glad you like my ring. I am still getting used to it but it is fun. Will there be a ring on your finger in about 392 days? :-)

    And I love Alanis Morissette and that you have it playing on your page. Yay!

  2. I'm sure hoping I get a ring in about 389 days ;) ;) ;) Although I told him before he left that I could always wait for the ring hahahahahaha

    I'm thinking that I might just focus on enjoying my job at Emerson and then a family once I get to that point in time.

    What did you decide on?? I know you've probably said it before but I can't remember hahahahaha


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