05 May 2009

Faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, AND VIRTUE

So all you LDS ladies out there know that the General Young Women Pres added Virtue to the values for the girls of the church in the YW Theme, how awesome is that!? My mom is in the Stake YW in my stake and so she brought me a Virtue pamphlet to do the requirements for it and I'm so excited! I completed my Personal Progress at 14 so I haven't worked on anything for over 6 years and I'm way pysched to begin the Virtue section. So for all of you ladies out there, ask your local YW to get you a copy of the Virtue section of Personal Progress and do it! I wish that Virtue had been in the theme when I was still in YW but these girls even just now have more to deal with than I did only 2 years ago after graduating from it and Virtue is needed now more than ever. I couldn't be happier for this addition for the young women of the church all over the world. And I can't wait to start the projects and experiences ;)

And as we all know, the goal of Personal Progress is to become closer to Christ and we can do that through the temple. I've made it my goal to go through the temple as soon as I can. I turn 21 this year (yeah old I know) and I want to go through in January to start off the new year just right so this Virtue section is really going to help me prepare to be worthy to receive all the temple blessings.

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