31 May 2009


Yes I am a crazy Twilight fan, I'll admit it anyday! And be proud of it! They just released the trailer for New Moon and I'm so excited!! It looks awesome! They finally gave them more money for the effects which means that the vampires/werewolves/etc will look much better than they did in Twilight! HECK YES!! Here's the trailer for ya ;) Yeah I know, you love me.

Summer "Woes"

So summer is finally here  
Only now what do I do with my time?? 
Oh yeah, I guess I'll blog about it hahahahaha ;) 
Let's see I wake up before nine every morning and 
get on my comp to do m'Bizness ya know and then get breakfast. 
Usually consisting of waffles with butter and syrup and a glass of milk, yummas! 
Then what do you ask? 
Well a few things could happen. 
I could go stare at myself in the mirror and wonder what happened to my thinness, 
or I could play video games for a bit (this being very unlike me BTW), 
or read a book, or watch a movie, or just plain old TV, 
or try to discover the solution to poverty, AIDS, cancer, etc.

But srsly, I usually read and eats M&M's 
(oh that's where my thinness went hahaha m'bad. I'll get to work on that right away sir) 
or I cook for dinner (which I'm totally cool with doing) 
and once so far I have played a video game for 3 hours and 
thought I'd kill myself from frustration. 
(Zelda game: Twilight Princess where you trun into a wolf half the time.....very weird and annoying)

Now, I've complained kinda and stated my so-called woes 
but again friends, srsly I need something to do.
I'm going to try and finish the Virtue part of Personal Progress over the summer, 
and I'm going to temple prep classes on Sunday 
but that can only get me so far in the parentals-not-getting-angry-department ya know? 
Now I do work at the Disney Store at least once a week 
(which I know is sad) so that's something and I love working there. 
It's been one of my absolute favorite jobs ever. 
Hello I get to play with kids and listen to Disney music all day! 
How aawesome is that for a Disney freak like me? 
Yeah it's pretty much amazing! 
And everyone in the store cares about you and we're like a huge family, 
we cry together when someone leaves and when they come back, 
there's allways room for them. 
That's why we only get one of two shifts a week, 
because we care about the other people that work there too.
And we don't mind giving up our hours to help them. 
Disney is my second job so I don't need the money 
as much as some of the other employees do.

And my "real" job is awesome! 
I get to work at an Elementary School as a kindergarten aide 
and it'll be crazy, intense, and I will probably complain but I really will like it ;) 
I'm just hard to please sometimes hahahaha.

All I have to do is get through this summer and then by the time next summer comes around my missionary will be coming home!!! 
And for this I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!! 
I can't wait to see him again! I love getting his letters 
and this year has gone by fast as well as slow 
and I can't wait for this next year to fly by even faster ;) 
Now I'm on an even better countdown, 
since it's only 12 months left instead of 24, 
12 fast Sundays instead of 24,
52 weeks instead of 104! ;)

So there are my summer "woes" feel free to comment 
and leave me pretty things like smileys and such.
Srsly, it's cool for you to do that friends.

25 May 2009

Pictures Friends ;)

So this past weekend my friend Ruth took pictures of me, my friend Kayde and herself. These are just some of the photos so who likes which one??? I want opinions mmmk? Enjoy!

Don't forget to comment friends!

It's back!!!

I know some of you miss my Movies and More blog so....I brought it back to life! Yes I know, I'm awesome ;) So it's not very updated yet BUT it's still good stuff and I'll be adding a bunch to it since it's summer now! Hallelujah yes!

Go here and enjoy!

20 May 2009

Life pursuits

So....again with the whole, what-to-do-with-my-life bit. Prepared? Good here goes:

Ali has many different things to think about majoring in. I like too many things that would be good and fun for a career and can't decide. I feel a little lost and confused and therefore wouldst like some opinions from her beloved followers/friends ;)

I love history (see here for details on that subject), and have a huge adventurous side.

I love movies so a career in movies (just about anything there) would be incredible, though I'd really like to have the job that keeps movies together-meaning keep them consistent in both plot and cinematically. (Like in Lord of the Rings, Legolas has blue eyes half the time and brown the other half.....say what!?)

I like astronomy and learning about planets and such, but I'm not so good at the math and science things.........so yeah I don't know........

Here are some things I know I can't do: join the circus, they got enough freaks in their show; scuba dive for treasure, JAWS....nuff said.....; design clothing, can't draw to save my life or anyone else's.

So now's your chance to put your two cents in for a career choice to help me figure out my life ;) K? Thanks!!!

P.S. being a mom doesn't count cuz that's already part of the future plan hahahahaha suckas!

11 May 2009

Movies with beautiful men ;)

So this past weekend I saw both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek
Now I know what some of you must be thinking... she saw the Star Trek movie?! 
Is she crazy?! 
Why yes, yes I am ;) And proud of it. 
I grew up watching the old school movies and shows with my dad 
and I got embarrassed when I saw that they were making 
yet another Star trek movie and how I probably would have to watch it to watch my dad. 
BUT then I saw him:

And my heart went *pitter-patter*
and I said, "It's Nicholas from Princess Diaries 2!!!" 
My dad was all "What? No that's the new Captian Kirk on Star Trek." 
I resolved then and there to go see it regardless of any ridicule. 
And it was SOOOO incredibly worth it! 
The movie is so not like what I grew up with 
but has enough of the old school to make the true-blood Trekkys all happy ;) 
And us new kids on the block might just find ourselves becoming Trekkys with them. 
It was amazing so go see it if you haven't already! 
(I'll even tell you a secret: AMC lets you in for $5 every weekend before noon, so go then!!)
  I'm in love with his eyes........mmmmmyes! ^BTW, not Spock
One beautiful man down, one to go!

So Wolverine has never really been my favorite hero until Hugh Jackman took the role. 
Then I was a fan and will be forever.
I really liked Wolverine in spite of all the violence. 
Now I used to watch the cartoons back in the day 
but it's been awhile can anyone tell me if Victor Creed becomes Sabertooth? 
I'm assuming he does but like I said, I haven't seen it in awhile.

I mean, how can you not love this??
  You work those claws my man! It totally goes with the jacket!

Now truly, I don't give it anymore esteem because it premiered here in AZ. 
Big woop. 
I like in spite of the premiere here.
It's got a great cast like dang holy cow! 
There are people in that cast thatI didn't hink I would see like Dominic Monaghan 
(Merry from LOTR) and the guy in LOST that shot Ben/Russo's daughter out of cold blood.
It's insane!

Those were my two beautiful men I got to spend some quality time with on Saturday
and I wil definitely be spending more time with them either at the theater again 
or when they come to DVD ;)

05 May 2009

Faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, AND VIRTUE

So all you LDS ladies out there know that the General Young Women Pres added Virtue to the values for the girls of the church in the YW Theme, how awesome is that!? My mom is in the Stake YW in my stake and so she brought me a Virtue pamphlet to do the requirements for it and I'm so excited! I completed my Personal Progress at 14 so I haven't worked on anything for over 6 years and I'm way pysched to begin the Virtue section. So for all of you ladies out there, ask your local YW to get you a copy of the Virtue section of Personal Progress and do it! I wish that Virtue had been in the theme when I was still in YW but these girls even just now have more to deal with than I did only 2 years ago after graduating from it and Virtue is needed now more than ever. I couldn't be happier for this addition for the young women of the church all over the world. And I can't wait to start the projects and experiences ;)

And as we all know, the goal of Personal Progress is to become closer to Christ and we can do that through the temple. I've made it my goal to go through the temple as soon as I can. I turn 21 this year (yeah old I know) and I want to go through in January to start off the new year just right so this Virtue section is really going to help me prepare to be worthy to receive all the temple blessings.