04 April 2009

New York con't

Ok so here's what we did:

Sunday: flew there at 6 AM from Phoenix. Had to be at the airport by 4:30 AM so not pretty. The stupid airport security took my Victoria's Secret perfume and lotion but left my Seacret crap lotion in the bag. SOOOOOO angry, plus it was 4:30 in the morning, stupid security. Upon arriving in New York, we went to our hotel which was awesome! They upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite at no additional cost and not at our request, they are just that cool! Yay Shelbourne on Lexington in between 37th and 38th! After settling in a little bit, we went to SERENDIPITY and the Empire State Building. BTW if you ever wanna go to Serendipity, make reservations or you'll be waiting for a long time for a table and they don't give you the little buzzer thingys, you have to keep checking in.

Monday: Museum of Natural History for 4 1/2 hours (and we still didn't see everything!) which was amazing! And my carriage ride through Central Park!! The horse's name was Maggie and our driver was Patrick and ot was the day before St. Patrick's Day, coincidence I think not! Nick and Dad went to a Motley Crue concert at Madison Square Garden while me and Mom and Trev went on the ride ;) Saw Balto memorial, Spook Central (Ghostbusters), the ice skating rink that's in so many movies (Serendipity tbeing one of them), Park Avenue, the Dakota (where John Lennin was shot and Yoko Ohno still lives there), etc.

Tuesday: bus tour! St Patrick's Day too which meant many drunk people, especially teenagers and just turned 21ers. Lots and lots of funny drunk people. The bus tour was eh but they took us to some fun places we probably wouldn't have gone to without it like Wall Street, Trinity Church, the Staten Island Ferry, Ground Zero, and some others. Again, if you're gonna go to NY and you wanna take a bus tour go online and book with a smaller company, not some of the big buses that have billions of people on them. YUCK! West Side Story that night and it was awesome except for Tony!!! How sad that the main guy was CRAP! Maria was great but she's from Argentina which means she can actually speak Spanish and she can sing! Wow! Tony is a soap start, therefore acting was awful and singing.......even worse......but got an awesome shirt to show for it!

Wednesday: Metropolitan Museum of Art, but not as long as Nick wanted to be there for. Poor kid, that was the one thing he really wanted to do and we only had like an hour in there......but he said he enjoyed it anyways. Mary Poppins (which is coming to Gammage BTW) and ot was awesome too!!! I fully cried and I intend to cry again when it comes cuz I just can't help it. I cried in West Side Story too hahahaha. We shopped in Times Square afterwards and then we split into 2 groups seeing Phantom of the Opera (which is also coming to Gammage) and August: Osage County (also coming to Gammage). But before I get into that we ate at Junior's and my dad lost his camera bag there. He had left it under the chair to protect it and we grabbed all the other bags and forgot that one.... Me, mom, and Trev went and saw Phantom (Trev's first time ever to see it) and Nick and Dad went and saw Osage County. August: Osage County won the Tony for a straight play and Nick absolutely loved it! But be warned, it is adult-themed and has drugs, family issues and other such stuff in it. Phantom was amazing!! I saw it at Gammage but really couldn't see anything and this was WAY better! Wasn't too fond of Christine but I got over it cuz Raoul was CUTE!! Oh ladies watch your hearts ;) cried again at this one too lol

Thursday: Dad called Junior's first thing and they had his camera bag!!!! YAY!! We all danced around in happy circles ;) We went to the 24 hr/7 days a week 365 days a year Applt Store on 5th Ave. My dad was in heaven. It was funny cuz he had been saying that there was a cord he needed for his computer and lo and behold here was an Apple Store ;) It was way cool let me tell you! Had an elevator and everything. Anyone seen the movie BIG? Remember the big piano Tom Hanks dances on and plays chopsticks? Yeah totally went to the store and the boys played some sort of Zelda song of something on it (I was naseous) it was AWESOME! We also went to the 3 story DISNEY STORE on 5th. I was in heaven and never wanted to leave! It was so beautiful and big and beautiful and big.......ahhhhhhhhh........oh ok I'm good now ;) We bought a Liberty Mickey mouse antenna ball and my mom and I each got a NY tote with Mickey on it for $10 with a $25 purchase (I think) I also got a Mickey bag and it's fully awesome! We then drove out to Palmyra to see the Church history sights.

Friday: We called it our Spiritual Day. We were in Palmyra and saw the Joseph Smith farm, Sacred Grove (which let me just say that I've now seen it in the summer and in the winter and I think I prefer it in the winter, it looks beautiful in the snow ans with the wind blowing), Peter Whitmer farm, Grandin Press (where they published the Book of Mormon), Hill Cumorah (where Joseph found the plates) and the boys ran down the hill......they're crazy.....srsly.....

Saturday: Our last day in NY. We drove back to the city from Palmyra (which it had snowed again overnight!!! So cold!!) and got some really good Chinese food from a local grocery store and then saw 39 Steps. It's a straight play (non-musical in case I didn't explain that earlier) and it was Hitchcock meets Monty Python. I almost wet myself it was so funny! It's also coming to Gammage and I definitely recommend it to everyone! 4 cast members playing 50+ parts. So funny!

Sunday: most painful trip back home ever! 2 different flights: 1 1/2 hours and 5 1/2 hours!!! What the heck! It only took 4 1/2 to get to NY and 7 hours to get back??? Stupid. Plus a 4 hour overlay in Detroit. I was so sick by the end of the day, I couldn't go to work the next morning.

I had such a great time with my fam ;) We enjoyed ourselves and had some good times. Especially on the subway listening to people asking for money and such. If you wanna see more pictures of my NY trip here's the link to my 3 Facebook albums of pictures:




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