20 April 2009

Indiana Jonesette

 I think I have found my calling in life! 
I'll be Indiana Jonesette!
 Somebody get me a whip, teach me how to shoot a gun without falling over, 
and teach me to throw a wicked punch and possibly take a few standing up. 
Any takers???

I love history, that much everyone knows, and I'm a freak with it. 
I love learning new things about history and how civilizations used to exist and cooperate.
 I want to go out and find these remarkable artifacts 
that show so much of the history of our people and see what we can learn from them. 
Now, of course I can't really be Indiana Jones because
 a) I'm a woman for starters, b) I don't have money from a rich family, 
and c) I won't curse like a sailor. 
Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but cursing is out for me! 
But Indiana Jones has always been a part of me that I've wanted to pursue.
 Does that make sense to y'all? 
The idea of going out and discovering new worlds that used to exist 
and seeing the past come alive is something I have always wanted to do. 
Should it become my major??

Probably not. 
As much as I love history and want to be adventurous and such, 
I want a family even more. 
For me, a family is the ultimate happiness and my ultimate goal. 
I can't raise a family if I'm out digging all the time and not at home with my kids. 
Sure I could take them with me but what kind of life is that for a kid? 
You've all seen the movies where kids of archeologists go nuts from lack of attention, 
do I want that for my children? 
Heck no! 
Though I'd look pretty cool digging in Turkey 8 months pregnant don't ya think? 
Hahahahaha Maybe someday I can have it both ways.
 Have my family and go with my passion and adventurous side.

But srsly, about the whole learning to fight thing......
I'd kinda like to learn.......and the whip....... 
can ya hear the music playing now???

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  1. You history buff. Yeah. Indiana Jones is in there somewhere. I've seen it.


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