10 March 2009

The Seductress of Sweets

Yes that is what I have been called because of both my love of treats, and my love of making them for other people. Whenever my friends ask me what I'm doing and I answer with baking they always ask what and then they want to be my guinea pigs and that makes me feel so good!! I love baking and cooking and especially love when I can share with my friends. I love having cooking times with Ruth and Kayde almost every week and it's so fun and liberating to do ;) If any of you have recipes or anything to share PLEASE DO!!! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes to try.


  1. I've been in to baking alot recently too. =) hey, question, did you delete your movie blog. i always liked your reviews....sad....

  2. Yeah I deleted it cuz nobody seemed to care much about it sorry dear

  3. well, you should at least check out the picture of yummy deliciousness I made on sunday. it was gewd.


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