30 March 2009

New York!!

Me at the top of the Empire State Building

Couple of sharks chillin by the exit in the Museum of Natural History. *shudder*

Who knew I was so light!? Oh wait.....that's on the stinkin Moon.....dangit

I touched a Mammoth and I liked it!!!

On my carriage ride through Central Park!! (That's hot chocolate people! I know what you were thinking, shame on you)

Lady Liberty ;)

I'll post more later cuz I gotta run to class but I had so much fun this past Spring Break in New York! It was beautiful ;) I'll write more later ;)

10 March 2009

The Seductress of Sweets

Yes that is what I have been called because of both my love of treats, and my love of making them for other people. Whenever my friends ask me what I'm doing and I answer with baking they always ask what and then they want to be my guinea pigs and that makes me feel so good!! I love baking and cooking and especially love when I can share with my friends. I love having cooking times with Ruth and Kayde almost every week and it's so fun and liberating to do ;) If any of you have recipes or anything to share PLEASE DO!!! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes to try.