05 February 2009

Uncharted Waters

So for the past several months I've been saying that I'm gonna go to Disneyland for an internship but now I'm thinking not so much. I'm not chickening out, so rule that out right away lol. I just don't feel the need to go anymore. I feel like there's something I need to be doing here although I have no idea what. Any ideas would be most helpful ;) I'm going to get more involved with the brother's acting group, help my other brother get into college, and hopefully buy a car. A car is the definite next goal hahahaha. And now that I have a steady job for now I can think about it. After the car, it's time to move out but the car's gonna have to be very cheap hahahaha. I feel so good since I decided not to go to California. I have no idea why I'm not supposed to go but then again, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I might not know til years later but I'm glad that I can feel the Spirit strong enough to know what the Lord wants me to do. It's exhilarating.

After going through my first training day of my new job I'm sad that the lady I'm replacing has to leave but thanks to her, a door opened for me and for that I'm so happy. I couldn't be more grateful for all that I've been given and all of the opportunities I have in my life and still have more to come ;)

Uncharted waters is where I am now only because my life isn't written down in stone and I get to be flexible and it's kinda exciting and freeing.I'm excited to see where my life takes me.

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