15 February 2009

Masquerade!! Paper Faces on Parade

Hide your face so the world will never find you! Masquerade! Every face a different shade masquerade, look around there's another mask behind you.....etc etc. I love that song! Just want to put that out there on the table hahaha. This past Friday the theater group my youngest brother is involved with (the older one did too but he's too "cool" now to do it anymore) held their First Annual Masquerade Ball at the Women's Club in downtown Mesa and it was a HUGE success! Seeing all these brilliant actors perform was amazing, although I had already seen all of the acts that were performed there was a magic there that I can't really do justice to unless you were there. All guests were required to wear formal dresses/tuxes and it was truly a beautiful evening for all who attended.

I haven't ever performed with these actors before but I know most of them and we're like a big family and listening to the musical numbers and watching the skit just brought back so many memories of when I was invlved in theater on the acting side of the curtain and yeah it made me want to just get out there and do it but in my heart of hearts I know that that's just not for me to do. I love to sing but I don't think I can base a living on my voice (and definitely not my lack of dancing skills), though I will sing for myself because it is a passion of mine ;) And yes, musicals always make me super happy and I pretty much can guarentee tears at every opening and closing number of a show. I even cry during the curtain calls (please someone evaluate that hahahahaha). But even though these shows hold such magic for me, I like being on the side of stage where I get to help make the show. I get to see the actors transform into their characters and hear their voices sing in such amazing harmonies. At the Masquerade, they performed 3 of my absolute favorite songs form the shows AYT has done: Dance of the Robe, Written in the Stars, and Part of the Human Heart. (The shows are Aida and Once on This Island) Yes I cried through al three of these but I got to sing Part of the Human Heart along with the actors and all the guests who knew the song. That was the most magical part of the night for me. Hearing all the voices from all over the room singing in one voice along with the lead singer of the song, just made my heart so full and I couldn't think why. Still can't come to think of it.

The people behind theater, and movies too, but mostly theater are such magicians and wizards. They truly capture the mind and help audiences escape reality for a couple of hours and fall in love with characters they relate to, pity, love, etc. and I want to be a part of that magic. To enchant others to see the beauty of theater. And of course, I can't wait til next year's Masquerade and see what surprises are in store for the guests there ;)

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  1. Ooooo That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could support myself with my voice and acting, but sadly, I am not completely made for it. (Too soft-shelled.) But I think it's sooo amazing that you get to help with things like these! :)


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