25 February 2009

Drag races with my Daddy ;)

Heck yes!!! FLAMES!

Funny cars (no srsly, that's what they're called)

My cute dad ;)

Oh how I wish it were mine! :(

Me with my earplugs yep!

Last Saturday my dad and I went to the dragraces at Firebird Raceway in Chandler. It was SOOOOOO amazing! I hadn't been to a race in 7 years and this was just awesome to be back in the bleachers listening to the loud engines roaring and making the stands vibrate ;) The smell of nitro in the air and watching the Christmas tree. I loved it so much! Plus it was a great time to spend with my dad, we haven't really been able to do a lot of stuff together because we're both so busy but this was an awesome thing that we got to do together. We both love the adrenaline of watching the drivers speed down the track (and just so we're ll clear, this is NOT Nascar where they go around and around in a circle-negative! This is racing where they go down a straight track in about 3-6 seconds) and the flames erupt from the sides of the engine (and this is normal-it's when they come out the front or back that's bad). It's always been a little dream of mine to race and it'd still be wy cool to do but that requires so much money and time that I don't know if I can commit to that anyways. But it's always a fun dream to have in the back of my mind ;)

I had so much fun with my dad and I really hope we can start making this a yearly thing ;) And when I get maried, my husband will have to be ok with either going with me to the races or ok with me going with my dad ;) (I'm hoping for more of the first rather but I'm cool with whatev)

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