12 January 2009

My girls

So I love getting together with my girls and just enjoying ourselves, causing a little mischief every now and then and just chatting it up. "My girls" include a lot of people and rarely do we all get together because everyone is so busy but right now I'm gonna talk about my girls Kayde and Ruth who are just amazing to me.

Saturday we went and got pedicures and hung out and just had fun. We watched House at the nail place and then Anastasia at Kayde's and boy did we have some good laughs. Nothing feels better, for me anyway, than to be with the people you know love you and will listen to your craziness no matter what and not try to judge you or just dismiss the problem. It also feels great not to have to pretend to be anyone else other than me, myself and I. I don't have to worry about what I might say (cuz everything gets twisted into an innuendo ;) ) or do because they don't care, they care about me regardless of any character flaws I might have. And that means a lot to me.

I love all my girls but Kayde and Ruth have really been the most helpful in the past few months and I thank them for that and hope they know it ;) And if they didn't, they do now lol ;)

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