06 January 2009

Google Tag

I thoroughly enjoyed this actually ;)

This is how it works: You Google the answers to the questions and post your favorite picture from the first three pages that come up.
First Name: Alison (Ali)
She looks more like my personality and she had clothes on.

Middle Name: SueBecause Sue Ellen is just about the best yeah?

Last Name: Bowler

Not exactly sure how this is related to me but it came up so cool!

Bad Habit:

Need I say more?

What You're doing right now: Blogging and cleaning my room

Grandmother's Name:
Sue, Julie, Joyce

Past Pet:

My cat Midnight looks just like this only fatter cuz she's an old fart ;)

My First job: (Theatre work
Just without the hat and you got me.

My Age: (20)

Where I grew up: Santa Monica, CA/Chandler, AZ/Mesa, AZ)

The Santa Monica Pier (one of my favorite places to visit)Ugly Chandler......

I LOVE having the temple so close by ;)

Past Love: Fantasy (actually
, this is a still-love I think)

Favorite Place:

In my own little world

If I went back to school:
I'm majoring in History but I would love to own a bookstore

Place I would like to visit: (England/Whitb

Favourite Colour: red

Favourite Food: (chocolate)

Now for tagging: I'm gonna copy Courtney and say that anyone that wants to do it, can. This was worth the entertainment ;)


  1. hehe It was more than just tagging that you copied. ;D lol It's all good. Some of them were pretty good. hehe Goodness, I want to spend 3 days in Whitby. It's so pretty there!

  2. Hahahahahahaha, I got tired of dragging the pictures down and most of them worked out so hahahaha ;) Although I didn't out all the places I want to visit on there. that would've taken a whole other blog just for that.


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