01 January 2009


So after 2 months of waiting I got a letter from my missionary last night! It's the perfect way to start the new year!!

He's doing awesome, losing weight, preaching all he can and loving the Gospel more and more each day. His English is kinda funny because he can't spell to save his life and then he's punctuating in Spanish, silly boy. At least now I know that he thinks of me from time to time and that I'm still in his heart. I know I've been complaining and I probably will complain again before I get my next letter but every time I read them I feel the peace and love from him that I always need. I know I'm just a young girl and that it's crazy for me to continue having mood swings and such but oh well. I love him still and getting letters from him just strengthens it every time. I miss him still more than ever but it will lessen as time continues its slow pace.

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  1. Hurray for getting letters!!! :D It really is always nice to hear from the missionaries. And it makes it fun to see how .... not so good their English gets. haha (I promise about 1/3 of my last letter was in Hungarian, although he did translate it for me.)


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