05 January 2009

Disney Music

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love Disney music. It's amazing how listening to it can lift your day out of obscurity and make you happier and giddy and feel like a kid all over again ;) That's probably why I like working at the Disney Store so much, I get to listen to Disney music as I work there and see the little kids singing them as well. It's especially fun to see the adults sing with their kids and dance with them in the aisles.

I truly hope that I'm the kind of parent that is still cool to dance with as my kids grow older. I will always be a Disney freak and I hope that at least ONE of my kids gets that too hahahaha so I'm not alone in my house ;) Or if not, that they will at least not be too embarrassed as they go with mom to Disneyland and such ;)

Again, Disney music is the BOMB!

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