24 January 2009

Not so magical or mystical, just me

I'm so tired of being home all the time. I feel like I'm a burden to my parents, they never say it cuz they know I'm trying really hard to find a job and all, but I feel that way all the same. My parents are wonderful people and should be given a reward for all the stuff my brothers and I put them through. And no, we're not like serial killers or anything but I'm sure parenting is difficult and I know it's going to be hard when I have my kids in the future to keep them out of trouble.

As most of you know, I've been looking for a job for over a year now and nothing has really worked out except my 4-8 hours a week at the Disney Store because they don't want to fire anybody so that's all we can get per week. I've tried all these online searches and gone into a ton of stores and I guess it's because of this economy that nobody is hiring but still. And no, I will not work at McDonald's or any such place just because I don't want to be miserable at work either. I'm not looking for something glamorous but the last time I worked somewhere where I wasn't happy it didn't end well so I won't put myself through that again. I miss being able to go out whenever I wanted because I had the money to do so and could pay for the gas I used.

I'm tired of having so many numbers in my phone that I can't use anymore because the friends I used to have don't care anymore. Makes me feel a little insignificant. I have a few true friends so that definitely counts for something.

Oh that's another thing! I'm tired of my so-called friends using me for stuff and only talking to me when they have questions about certain things, it's annoying and shows me that they really truly don't give a darn about me anymore, so don't text me or call me if all you want is to get something from me. Not cool.

Sorry for the rant, I've just had a lot of things on my mind and tons of pressure from all sides, both intended and unintended, and I needed to let out some steam about it.

12 January 2009

My girls

So I love getting together with my girls and just enjoying ourselves, causing a little mischief every now and then and just chatting it up. "My girls" include a lot of people and rarely do we all get together because everyone is so busy but right now I'm gonna talk about my girls Kayde and Ruth who are just amazing to me.

Saturday we went and got pedicures and hung out and just had fun. We watched House at the nail place and then Anastasia at Kayde's and boy did we have some good laughs. Nothing feels better, for me anyway, than to be with the people you know love you and will listen to your craziness no matter what and not try to judge you or just dismiss the problem. It also feels great not to have to pretend to be anyone else other than me, myself and I. I don't have to worry about what I might say (cuz everything gets twisted into an innuendo ;) ) or do because they don't care, they care about me regardless of any character flaws I might have. And that means a lot to me.

I love all my girls but Kayde and Ruth have really been the most helpful in the past few months and I thank them for that and hope they know it ;) And if they didn't, they do now lol ;)

06 January 2009

Google Tag

I thoroughly enjoyed this actually ;)

This is how it works: You Google the answers to the questions and post your favorite picture from the first three pages that come up.
First Name: Alison (Ali)
She looks more like my personality and she had clothes on.

Middle Name: SueBecause Sue Ellen is just about the best yeah?

Last Name: Bowler

Not exactly sure how this is related to me but it came up so cool!

Bad Habit:

Need I say more?

What You're doing right now: Blogging and cleaning my room

Grandmother's Name:
Sue, Julie, Joyce

Past Pet:

My cat Midnight looks just like this only fatter cuz she's an old fart ;)

My First job: (Theatre work
Just without the hat and you got me.

My Age: (20)

Where I grew up: Santa Monica, CA/Chandler, AZ/Mesa, AZ)

The Santa Monica Pier (one of my favorite places to visit)Ugly Chandler......

I LOVE having the temple so close by ;)

Past Love: Fantasy (actually
, this is a still-love I think)

Favorite Place:

In my own little world

If I went back to school:
I'm majoring in History but I would love to own a bookstore

Place I would like to visit: (England/Whitb

Favourite Colour: red

Favourite Food: (chocolate)

Now for tagging: I'm gonna copy Courtney and say that anyone that wants to do it, can. This was worth the entertainment ;)

05 January 2009

Disney Music

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love Disney music. It's amazing how listening to it can lift your day out of obscurity and make you happier and giddy and feel like a kid all over again ;) That's probably why I like working at the Disney Store so much, I get to listen to Disney music as I work there and see the little kids singing them as well. It's especially fun to see the adults sing with their kids and dance with them in the aisles.

I truly hope that I'm the kind of parent that is still cool to dance with as my kids grow older. I will always be a Disney freak and I hope that at least ONE of my kids gets that too hahahaha so I'm not alone in my house ;) Or if not, that they will at least not be too embarrassed as they go with mom to Disneyland and such ;)

Again, Disney music is the BOMB!


Ok I first wanna say how proud I am of this background!!! I absolutely love it!!! It's so me heeheeheeheehee ;)

So sitting at home with nothing to do but blog or check Facebook is kinda annoying. As most of my friends know I've been searching high and low for a job that will give me hours but also won't kill me either. I need to be making money so I can support myself enough to move out and live my own life and try new things. But alas, a job has alluded me again and again. It STINKS let me tell ya. Those of you with jobs, congrats!

I guess I haven't been that fair, I do have a job, I just don't get any more hours than maybe 4 a week. I love working at the Disney Store it truly is a happy place to work but I can't continue to work there for so little money. I only get 7.25 an hour and normally that wouldn't bother me if I was getting the amount of hours I needed but seeing as I'm not, it presents a problem.

So if anyone gets wind of a job opening or anything of the sort, please let me know like ASAP. Thanks y'all

02 January 2009

New Year- new possibilities

So it's 2009 now (a whole 2 days hahahaha) and I've been trying to think of resolutions for the year and really I can't come up with any. I know, it's tragic. I have goals but they really aren't resolutions cuz they're things I've been wanting for awhile, unless that counts???

First, I will be accepted into the Disneyland internship if it kills me. I've been wanting to do this since I heard about it in high school. All my friends know how much this means to me and I hope they all support me in it ;) Plus if they're especially nice to me I might just let them come to Disneyland for free (or at least in discount).

Second, I'd kinda like to finally graduate from MCC so if the Disneyland thing falls throguh for Fall 2009, then I can graduate hopefully if I can get the money together hahahahaha.

Third, I want to move out of my parent's house. I'm 20 years old and I would love to live on my own. Now, don't get the wrong idea, my parents are amazing people and they treat me very nicely and aren't mean at all, but I know that they want to see me be independent and learn to do more things on my own. And I heartily agree, but again, the money issue presents itself. Annoying.

Ok now this really isn't a goal so to speak, it's just somehting exciting. I'm way excited for my guy friends to start coming home from their missions!!! I counted the other day and there's at least 7 coming home within this year! It's so exciting to see these young men come home all spiritually enlightened and full of love for the gospel. Helps me to see what I need to do in my life to keep the Spirit with me always.

Finally, I want to find myself again. I know most of my ins and outs and favorite things and such but there are times when I have no idea what I like or don't and I want to fix that. I also want to try and be more open-minded. I've always thought of myself as pretty open-minded, and I am towards other people, but not so much with myself. That's gonna change too. But I know I can't do it alone, I'm gonna need my friends' help as well as the Lord's help (and His patience) as I try to become better.

Happy New Year!

01 January 2009


So after 2 months of waiting I got a letter from my missionary last night! It's the perfect way to start the new year!!

He's doing awesome, losing weight, preaching all he can and loving the Gospel more and more each day. His English is kinda funny because he can't spell to save his life and then he's punctuating in Spanish, silly boy. At least now I know that he thinks of me from time to time and that I'm still in his heart. I know I've been complaining and I probably will complain again before I get my next letter but every time I read them I feel the peace and love from him that I always need. I know I'm just a young girl and that it's crazy for me to continue having mood swings and such but oh well. I love him still and getting letters from him just strengthens it every time. I miss him still more than ever but it will lessen as time continues its slow pace.