31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I figured that seeing as today is New Year's Eve,
I should probably make a list of the goals I wanna set for the year.

2010 is gonna be a great year I'm sure of it.
Not only will I be working at Disneyland for most of it,
but my missionary comes home,
my grandpa is going to be done with chemo,
my brother is leaving on his mission,
and there could be a possible happy ending for me too ;)
Who knows??

But let's get down to business shall we?

Goal #1

Lose weight.

I have been trying to do this for years and fail miserably everytime.
Well this next year is gonna be different.
I'm gonna have my own "personal trainer"
(friend Morgan)
and I'm gonna ride my bike
(once I find one)
to work as much as possible.
I'm going to look AMAZING when I come home from Cali ;)
Probably won't be tan though....

Goal #2

Read more new books.

I love to read.
Books take me out of reality into places I've only dreamed of.
There are many times when I think I was born in the wrong era hahahaha
I would LOVE to be in a Jane Austen book.
I love the way they talk to each other and the witty humor.
I also love their outfits ;)
But back to books!
(sorry for the tangent)
I feel like I need to broaden my horizons.
A lot of the time I re-read my favorites over and over.
Which is awesome but it's time for some new material.
Suggestions are most welcome ;)

Goal #3

Start really saving money.

I've been saving money but now it's time to really save up.
I have many things that are close at hand in my life
that I need to save for.
And it all starts now ;)

Those are my main three goals.
I'm sure I'll come up with many new ones as the year goes on.
I hope you all have a very good New Year
and don't party too hard ;)

Happy New Year!

27 December 2009

Things that make me happy :)

My good friend Lauren said to make a list of things that make us happy.
So I am ;)

There are so many things that make me happy,
but I'm gonna put on here the things that
make me happiest ;)

1. Working with kids

I've been doing this since forever.
I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't working with kids.
I love this job cuz you can have fun,
teach them all you know,
and love them without really trying.
Kids are so incredibly intuitive.
They know when you're having a bad day
and 90% of the time they will try to make it better for you.
(Of course there's the obnoxious 10%)
I can't wait til I have my own children
and feel the immense joy in them ;)

2. Books

I love to read.
When I was first learning to read I hated it
but then I discovered the magic they bring to my life
and haven't been able to stop reading.
I love going into bookstores.
They have that smell of new/old books just waiting for someone to come
and open its pages.
I could spend an entire lifetime in a bookstore
and not miss anything ;)

3. Bath and Body Works socks

Oh my gosh!
Heaven on feet my friends.
These socks have saved my feet from much ache and pain.
Plus they are super soft and warm.
No I do not wear them to work or anywhere but home.
I don't want to waste them on that!
And the best thing about them is that they are only $5!
Yeah get yourself a pair ladies!

4. Broadway musicals

I've mentioned this before,
and I'll say it again.
I love live theater and especially live musicals.
There's just something about watching actors
sing and dance and act the story out.
I've always wanted to do that but I don't possess that kind of talent.
So I enjoy watching them and singing the songs.
If you have never seen a Broadway show
PLEASE go find one to see!
It's a beautiful thing to behold.

5. Music

I love music.
I love how it can make your day so much better
or express your feelings better than you can.
I constantly have a song in my head
and am humming it everywhere I go ;)
It definitely makes me happy

6. Disney

Now of course this was gonna be on my list.
I mean look at the name of my blog people.
Now I want you to know that I love Disney for what it has brought to the world.
Look at what Walt brought to us.
He brought magic and wonder to us all
just by picking up a pen and drawing a little steamboat mouse.
You cannot go anywhere in this world
where they don't know Disney.
It's a universal language that everyone knows.
Plus how may companies do you know that still value families
and morals?
I know that it's not many.
I will forever be a fan of Walt Disney and his company.
He brought magic to me
and I will continue to spread it ;)

7. Andrew my missionary.

I just talked about him and his wonderfulness ;)
You can read all about him if you look in my archive of posts.
In a nutshell:
He's amazing and is strengthening me from Argentina.
Coming home in 6 months ;)
Teaching the people and learning from them also.

Ok so now that I've made my list......

22 December 2009

Andrew. The Argentine Missionary ;)

Look at how SKINNY he is friends!!
Holy crap!

Anyways! Doesn't he look so cute and
like a servant of the Lord in this picture?
(I see an Ensign cover in his future) ;)

I got a package from him yesterday with some pictures and a tape.
I was so excited, like I always am,
and it was awesome so hear his voice ;)
His English is just now starting to slur and break
which is hilarious seeing as he only has 6 months left.

He promised to write me
although it might not happen often during this last bit,
which is ok.
He's busy and that's good cuz I know there are people that need his help
more than I need his letters.
(I requested at least 2-3 over the 6 months,
hopefully that's not too difficult) ;)

I am so proud of Andrew.
I couldn't be more proud and happy for him.
He's learning so much and meeting tons of new people
and learning how to see things in a different light.
And by learning these things,
he's teaching me too.

He even complimented me on my Spanish
(the TINY bit I know from working in kindergarten)
and said that if we ever went back to Argentina
he'd have to train me to emphasize the right syllable
for their particular Spanish. ;)
I SOOOO don't want to offend anyone that's for sure hahahahaha

He sounds so different but he's still the crazy/funny guy
I fell for hahahaha.
I giggled many times while listening to this tape.
My brother came in cuz he didn't know why I was laughing
so hard.......he's funny remember?
He knows me so well it's hilarious.
He'll say something and then say my reaction to it
and he's usually spot-on.

I know I write about him a lot but he is a huge part of me
and it's so cool to have him write to me and tell me
all the fun stuff from mission life.
He also tells me the insights he has every now and then
(I'm sure he gets more than he tells me)
and it helps me to think differently as well.

Only 6 months left!!!
"I'm almost there!"

19 December 2009

Christmastime is here

This has been one insanely stressful season my friends.
All because reality has hit that I'm leaving in like 3 weeks,
it's Christmastime,
and I was juggling two jobs until yesterday when school ended.

Thank goodness for good friends and family!
They were/are the only reason why I'm still excited to go to Disneyland,
why I'm still oober excited for Christmas,
and why I'm still in one piece ;)

Had a complete mental/emotional breakdown on Thursday.
Haven't had one of those in forever!
It was crazy I'll just say that,
luckily it didn't last very long
and when I got to work
(minus the puffy eyes)
I was fine and able to do my job.

Christmas always makes me happiest.
I love the lights, the trees, the smell.
(yes there is a Christmas smell-
not the horrible candle "Christmas" smell YUCK!)
I love being able to spend time with my family and with my friends.
I spent about 3 hours at my grandparents house last night
and had a blast of course!
Grandpa is doing really well,
only 2 more treatments to go!!!!!!
4 weeks and he's done! In the home stretch we are. ;)
It was so fun and nice to go over there and chat with them
(and of course get good treats since I am the granddaughter ;) ).
Christmastime is the best time of the year.
It really is,
when else in the year does family come together
and celebrate together something so special?

Christ's birth is something that changed everyone's life on this Earth.
Whether you believe it or not, He did.
He's the reason for the season and we cannot forget that.
Yes giving presents is great, 3 wise men did back in Bethlehem,
but let's not forget WHY He came here.
To save us and to love us.
I love Christmas because it also brings me closer to my Savior.
He is my best friend and confidante.
He's laughed with me, and cried and with me.
He knows me by name and knows my needs.

Remember the reason for the season.
So don't stress about the perfect gift.
Enjoy your holidays ;)

"Merry Christmas while we stand
heart to heart and hand in hand."

11 December 2009

One month to go!

One month to go people!!
One month til I'm workin at the Happiest Place on Earth!
I'm so excited and pumped and excited and pumped!
(ahh I'm repeating myself I'm so WOOOHOOO)

I'm excited to get out there and start working for the Mouse.
I think Walt was a truly inspired man
and look at the empire he left behind!
(I'm definitely gonna spend some quality time
with him in the next life)
I feel honored that I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to go!
I love Disneyland and I love that I get to work there now!

Of course I'll let you know where I'm gonna be when I find that out and all
(keep your fingers crossed for the Indiana Jones store)
Thanks for the support you all have given me!

One month to go peeps!!!

(and no the castle won't be like this when I get there
but I love this picture)

09 December 2009

"I'm almost there..."

"People think I'm crazy,
but I don't care...
There ain't nothin gonna stop me now cuz I'm almost there.

There've been trials and tribulations,
I know I've had my share,
but I've climbed a mountain and I've crossed a river
and I'm almost there!
I'm almost there,
I'm almost there!!"

It's amazing to me how music
can put you in the right mood for anything.
Sometimes it moves you to a completely new level
and that's always the best.
It's also amazing how the radio plays just the right song
at the right time too.

This song (above) is from Princess and the Frog
but I discovered it has more meaning for me than I expected.
I love this song because it's Tiana talking to her mom
about her dream restaurant
but when I listened to it over and over again,
I realized it also had meaning for me.

Waiting for Andrew has been so difficult.
I mean really difficult sometimes.
No, not because I'd rather be dating or anything like that
(*psh please....)
It's just hard to have someone you love so much so far away from you.
But as Tiana said "I'm almost there".

6 months this Christmas,
6 months til I see his face again,
hear his voice and be able to talk to him.
6 months til my dreams start coming true.
6 months is all ;)

"I've climbed a mountain and I've crossed a river and I'm almost there!"
Girl you got that right!

I'm almost there!!!

05 December 2009

The Princess and the Frog

I got to see The Princess and the Frog today!

Special screening and all ;)

Oh my goodness gracious!


It was absolutely amazing.
Humor, love, jazz, a smooth-talking villain,

a southern belle, jazz-playing alligator, 200-year old blind "fairy godmother",
and tons of other magical elements that just made this amazing!
It's definitely on my top list of Disney movies now,
right up there with Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast.

Definitely go see it!!
You'll enjoy it I guarantee it!

29 November 2009

Top Things to Do/See at Disneyland

Now I'm making this list before I go work there
so this will probably change slightly after August. ;)
They are also in no particular order.
I'm going by how Blogger uploaded them hahahaha

Indiana Jones

By far my favorite ride! I don't really know why.
I hate snakes, it's bumpy etc but boy is it the BEST!
My favorite ;)

Pixie Hollow

This is a new attraction at Disneyland for all those little fairies out there.
Big fairies are allowed too ;)
Meet Tink and her new friends all day long here at Pixie Hollow ;)


OK some might think this place is hokey but I love it.
It's so adorable
you can meet Mickey Mouse any time you're there
(between like 9-5)
he's there to take pictures with you ;)

Space Mountain

Like the best roller coaster on this planet.
I love the music for this ride too.
It's epic.
Another must do!
(beware, do NOT put your arms up in this ride. BAD idea)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The classics never die my friends.
Never die.
This ride has been re-done ish to add Jack Sparrow and such to the cast
but overall, it's still the same awesome ride!
Just a couple readjustments ;)
"Dead Men Tell No Tales"
(P.S. The Blue Bayou is delicious! SOO worth the money)

Princess Faire

Like Pixie Hollow, this is where little princesses
can meet the classic heroines from their favorite stories.
Different princesses are there throughout the day so who knows who you'll meet?
Definitely a way cool place to be.
They also do storybook time and princess makeovers ;)

Peter Pan's Flight

This is my favorite Fantasyland ride.
I wait in line for it every time I go.
It's so worth it!
It may seem silly but ya know what?
Don't care ;)
For anyone that likes pixie dust and happy thoughts,
this ride takes you to a NeverLand you won't forget ;)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

This one is a family tradition for my family.
We always go on this ride cuz it's so fun!
If you haven't seen Wind in the Willows
YouTube it and the ride is like the movie.
Thoroughly awesome! Worth the wait again.

Haunted Mansion

I love this ride too.
It's a nice and relaxing ride,
though haunted by spirits from beyond our world
"Be sure to bring your death certificate"
From Halloween through Christmas time
Haunted Mansion is all done up in
Nightmare Before Christmas and that's awesome!
Jack is one of my favorite characters ;)


This one got 2 pictures because I love it so much.
Fantasmic! is my favorite part of Disneyland.
I'm not exactly sure why
but probably because it has all my favorite people in it.
There's princesses, pirates, Peter and Wendy,
bad guys, waterworks, fireworks, light effects, etc.
It's all about the power of Mickey's imagination ;)

Soarin Over California

Yes this is not at Disneyland.
It's in California Adventure.
I'm still not completely sold on that park yet
but maybe since I'll be there
it'll grow on me ;)
This is by far the coolest ride!
You're in a "helicopter thingy" flying over different parts of Cali.
You can smell the different things like:
the orange trees, the ocean, the pine trees, the forests, etc.
It's so cool!
And of course you end the ride by soarin over Disneyland
with fireworks!

So this is my list for now ;)
See any of your favorites??

24 November 2009

My obsessions

I have many.
Yes I do.

So here are a few to entertain you for a bit:

1. Disney

As I have already stated,
I have a problem with buying Disney stuff.
Working at the Disney Store really doesn't help the situation
like at all.
I get 20% off and therefore everything is WAY more appealing ;)
I collect all sorts of stuff from Disney but movies, plush, and snowglobes are my biggest ones.
I have 10 snowglobes, 2 jumbo bags of plush, an tons of Disney movies.
Yes I must say.
I am obsessed.
And I love it!

2. Books

Nothing makes me happier than curling up with a good book.
I love to read.
I didn't used to though.
I hated learning to read, I hated going to the library at school
until I was in 2nd grade and had the coolest teacher on the planet.
She taught me all sorts of tricks and how to read faster.
Then I started racing through books,
I couldn't read any of them fast enough.
My favorites are mostly European classics like:
Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Jane Eyre, Peter Pan,
Phantom of the Opera, Count of Monte Cristo, etc.
My dreamy day is when it's raining,
curled up with a book in a fleece blanket
with a mug of hot chocolate.
Mmmmm yes ;)

3. Movies

I'm in love with movies
My dad was a film major
therefore I've seen a ton of movies
and I know way more than any normal person should.
Ask me a question ad I'll most likely know the answer
(or I'll ask my daddy ;) )

4. Chocolate

I love chocolate.
It's truly from heaven above friends ;)

5. Broadway Musicals

I love going to musicals.
For some reason I get this surge of adrenaline when I see one.
I cry when the music starts,
I cry when the curtain falls
(unless it's a horrible show obviously)
I'm just a sucker for amazing music that moves me.
I probably love these songs so much
because they are sung with such passion
and feeling cuz they're acting at the same time.
You can feel their despair, hate, anger, love, joy, etc
in their voices and that's what makes them great.

I know there's only 5 right now but honestly I couldn't think of more....
at this moment in time anyway ;)

Oh wait!


Him. ;) ;)

22 November 2009

Life moves pretty fast.

This season makes me think and reflect a lot.
Not sure why but it totally does.
I was just sitting in my room today
and thinking about my life.
So far.

And so far I've led a pretty good life ;)
Yes I have ;)
I've ha my share of loss, sadness, heartache, etc
but for the majority of it,
I've had a blessed and charmed life.

No, I'm not dying or anything.
I know that totally sounded like an eulogy sorry!
I've just been thinking as I'm about to leave home for the first time,
and remembering the things I've learned,
I've experienced,
and what I've gained thanks to those things.

I can't wait to start a new chapter in January.
As I've realized how close I am to leaving,
I realize that I'm completely ready.
Maybe that's why everything worked out this way.
Heavenly Father knew it was time for me to spread my wings
and so He gave me this opportunity.
After all, He knows me better than anybody.

I couldn't be more grateful to Him for dealing with me and my faults.
For listening to me when no one else would.
I'm sure He's laughed with me when the kids I work with say the darndest things
and I share them with Him.
I feel like He has prepared me in so many ways for this opportunity.
He's given me a wonderful and supportive family that is oober excited for me,
co-workers that are excited for me and will probably come visit me ;)
He's given me a missionary that is so excited for me
and told me he was proud that I took the leap.
(Andrew's also told me that I have to send him my address
so that letters don't take forever to get to me. How cute is he?)

I've said before that I've changed in many ways since Andrew left 17 months ago
(I just had to add that up BTW)
but that I'm still me.
I feel that this Disneyland internship is exactly that kind of thing
I've been looking for; I just didn't know it.
My mom says "I've been telling you to go do stuff and to do this internship"
(which she has BTW)
and for some odd reason it never felt right.
Now it does.
I feel like this is my chance.
Like in the movies when the hero/heroine goes to a foreign place to start over.
Same thing for me.

"Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look once in awhile, you might miss it"
Ferris couldn't have been more right.
I didn't realize time moves much faster than I want it to
and I don't want to miss it.
21 years old and finally embarking on the adventure I've always dreamed about.
Hey maybe I am like Indiana Jones then? ;) ;)

17 November 2009

Tis the Season & Love Will Find a Way

So Christmas is like right around the corner right?
Mr. Grinch and Frosty and all such are
gettin prepared for this crazy awesomeness
called the holidays.

Another thing this season never lacks in is:
Good grief!!!!
I never really thought of Nov/Dec to be so "true love" oriented.
Not that it's a bad thing or anything!
I'm a firm believer in love and happiness mmmk?

But WOW!

And you know what?
I get jealous sometimes.
Yeah I do.
I know.....shameful....I shall now hang my head....
but srsly.
I do get jealous of how happy people are together sometimes.

And yes.
It's because Andrew isn't here.
I mean.....DUH.
But at least I acknowledge this right???
That's the first step isn't it? ;)

I love the holiday season
and I love love
so therefore this is like the happiest season for me.
(and the most wonderful time of the year)

I love when I can get out the Swarski crystal Forget-Me-Nots
Andrew gave me for Christmas and remember
how proud he was of his gift ;)
(He was so cute hahahahaha)
I love looking at the pictures of the flowers he sent me for Christmas that year too.
I had just started working at the Disney Store so we had less time together
and he worked at Watson's so he sent me flowers ;)
So thoughtful ;)

I love that I have only 6 months left to wait when Christmas Day comes around ;)
I can't wait to be able to talk to him face to face.
(instead of a tape recorder hahahahahahaha)
I can't wait for my best friend to come home
and this season helps me to think about that so much more.

Yes I do get jealous but how many girls can say that they have a guy
willing to give up 2 years to the Lord,
writing to her and sharing his experiences,
and strengthening her from thousands of miles away.
There are so many times when I swear I'll turn around
and there he'll be cuz he's still such a big part of my life.

One of the many reasons I care about him so much is that he can make funny faces:

Thinks he can eat ice cream with chopsticks:

Thinks he can wear MY sunglasses and still look cool:

And still be the absolute BEST looking guy ;)

Like I said in the title:
Love will find a way
and I'm a firm believer in love
and ours was meant to last ;)

Tis the season.
Make sure you let those you love know you love them.

15 November 2009

Movie review

Ok so I love this movie!
I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan and I tolerate Ryan Reynolds usually.
I really liked him in this one though.
(his part in Wolverine was just pathetic....I mean really....)
But anyways! Back to the awesomeness that is The Proposal.

Meet Margaret:

A successful businesswoman in the book industry.
She also is from Canada and her Visa is expired.

Meet Andrew:

Margaret's assistant.
All he wants to to have his book published so he tries to kiss her butt enough to get it in.

The problem:
Margaret went to a book convention (somewhere...I can't remember where)
and because of that her Visa has been revoked and she has to go back to Canada.
Unless she finds some way to stay.

Andrew happens to walk into the meeting and she has an idea.

"We're getting married" she says to her bosses.

(Look out Margaret I think he might eat you....)
Now this was not what Andrew signed up for when he works for her.
She blackmails him into it and he agrees so that he can get his book published finally.

And then they go to the Immigration office to get her all sorted out.
In the process, she agrees to go to Alaska to meet his family.
(to make it legit)
Little does she know that things would change and happen over those 3 days ;)

Now of course I'm not gonna tell you all that happens but man you have to watch it!
It's absolutely hilarious!
An "exotic" stripper, a 90-year old chanting grandma, a crazy dog, etc.
Just doesn't get any better ;)

06 November 2009

The Princess and the Frog

I can't wait to see this!!!
It can't really get any better than a:
jazz-playing alligator,
a frog prince,
a hard-working girl,
a lovesick Cajun firefly,
a "fairy-godmother" with a seeing-eye snake!
And of course a villain who's gonna go down with the best of them ;)

Check it!

03 November 2009

Disneyland Birthday ;)

I turned 21 on the 29th of last month
and for my birthday my mom and I went to Disneyland!!
We had such a blast!!
We partied like no other in that park ;)

One of the biggest things I wanted to do
was get a picture with Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween costumes.
We walked into the park on my birthday and lo, and behold:

There they were!!! IN COSTUME!
See? Dreams do come true at Disneyland ;)

Next on the list was Fantasyland.
I love those rides over there for some unknown reason.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a family tradition.
And getting pictures even more of one ;)

Case and point.

Haunted Mansion was all Christmasy and such already ;)

Very cool.

Lunch at the Blue Bayou!!
(restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean)

You have to reserve this place at least 3 months in advance!
Rock on Mom!

They gave me a free chocolate mousse for my birthday ;)

and I was very excited about it ;)

Walked outside and decided I was gonna be
chillin' with my favorite villain and my BFFs Jack and Sally ;)

Yeah they're in presents what'sre point eh?

After lunch it was time for my birthday party at the Plaza Inn!

We decorated cakes and got a sticker ribbon for our "Mouseterpieces" Hahahaha

And who should arrive at the party?!
None other than the big Mouse himself and his lovely Mousette! ;)

And pictures were of course taken ;)

In front of MY castle.
It's only Sleeping Beauty's technically.

Me and my madre ;)

Next day was California Adventure and then D-land again.

Guess what?! My name starts with A!

Walked into Cali Adventure and BAM!:

Oh yes friends. HSM show.
"It's Now or NEVER!"

Ok so at Disneyland there's "Fantasmic!"
which is my all-time favorite thing at Disneyland.
A water/light/fireworks show and I love it!
These kids were all sitting around me and my mom and somehow they flocked to me.

Srsly, the kid plopped on my lap and would not move til dad picked him up.
The girls loved playing with my hair and my Minnie ears.
Weird but hey I must have an aura then eh? ;)



^ This was right before his gloves sparked with fireworks!
SOOOO cool!
I kinda geeked out about it ;)

The Beast!
My favorite of all time!

They had Ariel and Snow White too but their pictures didn't come out very well.
They were moving along the water as we were trying to take the picture.

Of course had to get a picture with the wicked cool Halloween decorations!

OOOOO scary!!!

I had SOO much fun with my mom at Disneyland!
We had a blast and pin traded with a ton of cast members so now I have a bunch of pins!

Jealous? Yeah you should be ;)

And that my friends is my Disneyland adventure until I go in January!!! ;)