14 December 2008

Tis the Season

Who would have thought that this time of year would bring me a miracle of my very own.

I had to do an education assignment where I had to go to the advisers to see how far I was on the road to graduation, and where I would go after graduation. The adviser told me that, after Spring 2009, I will only need 6 credits to graduate!!!! Woo!! And then to make it even better, she pulled up the ASU History major bachelor's degree checklist and I'm already halfway done with that already!! WOOOOOO!!!!

So guess what I'll be majoring in for my BA? Yeah that's right, History. My passion and now my livelihood ;) But I will not be teaching it though, I just want to learn all I can about every kind of history. Wish me luck!! And I hope all of you find your bliss and your calling ;)

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