16 December 2008

So This is Me

Welcome to the world of Ali and my craziness ;)

I've lived in CA, CO, and AZ though AZ for the most part. Born in Santa Monica, CA about 15 minutes from the beach so I grew up half in Cali and half here in AZ. I have a great family. I have two younger brothers, Nick (17) and Trevor (13) and then me. My grandparents also live here because they only had my mom so they retired here to be closer to us. My family and friends are number one in my life. I will do anything for them (well almost anything). I turned 20 in October and my friend inspired me to create a blog.

Right now I am waiting for my missionary to come home in June 2010. He's on a mission on Argentina. And I couldn't be more proud of him and glad that he's having such a great time serving the Lord and the church. And yes, I am a Mormon but don't assume that I'm judgmental or anything of the sort. I am very open-minded and don't like it when I'm judged so I don't judge in return.

So that's a little bit about me just so you can see the crazy girl who created this blog ;)

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