27 December 2008

I Feel Pretty

So the day after Christmas, after going to work at 7 AM for a few hours my parents decided to take me and my brothers on a random shopping spree. something we haven't really done in years. Nick decided he didn't want ti come, too bad for him!!

As you can see, I'm holding a Victoria's Secret bag in one of these photos. I must admit, I had never been in the store with the purpose of buying me something, usually it was for bridal showers. But my mom convinced me that it was time to get me a "real" bra instead of going to like Target or Mervyn's. So with her helping me, as much as she could seeing as she had never been in there either, we found a bunch to try on and I got 3! Holy cow! So much for going easy and breaking myself in eh? But SO incredibly worth it. After VS we went to many different stores including Charlotte Russe and Anchor Blue and of course Target ;) I got 2 new pairs of jeans, 2 new shirts, a pair of shoes (though this was from a previous shopping trip), a scarf to go with one of the shirts, and a necklace! Whew! Lots of new stuff (well at least it is to me hahahaha) and I feel pretty for the first time in my life, other than when I was wearing a prom dress. I feel confident and like I can take on the world!

The top picture is of me after tonight's shopping trip with Kayde. Who just happens to be the BEST person to shop with seeing as she knows everything and is a fashion major. She helped me find the sweater (and has one of her own too ;) ), and told me that the hat actually looked cute enough that I could buy it. We helped each other find really neat stuff and I really enjoyed shopping with her again. We haven't dome that in a long time, just shopped for the fun of it, no agenda or anything required.

With these new clothes and things I feel like a new me. Someone that's always been in me but never really has had the guts to come out because I didn't look the part. Now I'm starting to. It makes me feel accomplished already even if I do only have a minimum wage paying job, still in school, and in a complicated long distance relationship (lol). I still feel pretty and like I'm finding a whole new and better me.

Now those of you who know me know I don't wear makeup. And I probably won't wear it like ever, so this new me still has some of the old me hahahaha. I just had to write about how great I feel getting noticed again and feeling pretty. ;)

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  1. Ali, you look gorgeous!!!! :D Last time I went shopping with anyone besides my family was back in high school when you, Kayde, and me went to Claire's and looked at some jewelry. hehe That was fun.


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