14 December 2008

Friends and Loved Ones

I just wrote letters to my missionary, one of my best friends out in Mongolia on his mission, and I just might write my other friend in Hungary (finally I'm sorry I'm such a ditz Courtney lol) so that they can feel the love of the Christmas season ;)

If anyone has a missionary or military friend or anyone that just really needs a lift. Write them a note or letter expressing how much they mean to you. I cant tell you how many letters I still have from like elementary school and such that are from friends of mine telling me nice things about myself. It's so refreshing and everyone needs something to lift their spirits. Especially those not at home and serving around the world.

I miss my missionary but I'm glad that he's out there in Argentina serving and teaching the people there. I miss my Mongolian missionary because he's like my older brother (he's only like 3 months older than me but still) and I rarely saw him after we graduated. James, my buddy James in Hungary (whom I have yet to write and he comes home next October, I am ashamed) I miss his subtle and witty humor. He used to help entertain all of us through classes (and P.S. I want Courtney to have her chance of a happily ever after ;> ). Cory, my oldest guy friend and the most protective, I miss him bunches too. Even though he's only in Germany right now I still worry sometimes how he's doing but I know that he's being careful so he can come home and marry my best friend from elementary school (crazy huh? ;>).

Remember all your loved ones, both far and near this holiday season and remember to write them a simple note or something little to help them know that you care about them ;)


  1. :*) Thanks Ali. And it's okay. hehe I am positive he will appreciate a letter, no matter how late it is in coming, especially since I've slacked off as well. =/ But that's only cuz he doesn't write back hardly, so I really have nothing to say. But I've told myself that I will start afresh, and I started another letter, which I hope to get out this week.

  2. Good for you m'dear!! I really need to write him, I feel so awful about it so I will before the year is over. I would've written before but I kept putting it down on the list of priorities and then it got forgotten but I will be a good friend and write him hahahaha


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