18 December 2019

The Force Will Be With You.....Always

As the Skywalker saga comes to an end this year,
it made me think of how Star Wars has effected me in my life.
It started as something I watched with my dad,
 who's been an avid fan from the beginning,
and bond with him
to something that means so much more to me than I thought.

A big factor in that development was the year I spent at Disneyland 
working in Tomorrowland in Star Trader surrounded by Star Wars 
merchandise, fans, lore, characters
and people that genuinely loved this story.
(I have a funny story about cast members that portrayed both Darth Maul 
and Darth Vader but another time!!)
I learned and "trained to be a Jedi Knight"
as I helped younglings and Padawans build lightsabers
and tell them stories of the Jedi before them that had the same color saber
or answered questions they had about various characters.
It was truly then I think that I realized how much Star Wars meant to
people and how magical it could be and it changed me too.
Yesterday I watched as "the circle [was] now complete[d]" 
and it left me in tears.
Our beloved Rebel Princess and Resistance General
Carrie Fisher left us too soon
but the way they paid tribute to her is worthy of everything she built.

"A thousand generations of Jedi now live in you.
The Force will be with you.....Always"
Watching Rey, Poe, Finn, and the 
Resistance fight against the First Order against all odds
is something to wonder and respect.
The story completes in a perfect way
and I truly hope all fans can come together after this 
and rejoice in the
amazing 40 year journey we've all taken together.

J.J. Abrams promised to surprise us,
and that he did.
Be sure you're paying attention to details 
and see some of the subtle
tributes he pays to the fans.
Music cues also pay tribute to Jedi, Sith, and stories past
which helped enhance the experience.

As for kids,
I won't be taking my kids to see this in the theater
there are some older themes that I know my 7 and 5 year old will need explained
and a theater is not the place to do that hahahaha
So when it comes out we will do a big movie night so we can pause 
and answer questions as needed 

As you go out and watch this conclusin,
remember #MayTheShushBeWithYou 
as Mark Hamill himself posted on his Instagram.
Let all enjoy this final chapter.

May The Force Be With You


15 October 2019

"Well well....."

"...thinking you could defeat me, ME the Mistress of all Evil!"
One of the best lines in Walt Disney's 
Sleeping Beauty has now become the title for the sequel
all about our favorite horned "wicked" fairy.
This movie follows the first in both style and character development.
Maleficent and Aurora have a strong bond that will be tested by
attempting to join families with Prince Phillip's parents 
over their much anticipated union.
The King wants peace and unity, the Queen may be hiding some devious plans.
What will happen when the worlds collide?

Angelina Jolie once described Maleficent as a "delicious" character to play,
and she delivers a performance that makes you sympathize with
(and dare I say, humanize?) this feared fairy.
Michelle Pfeiffer shines as Jolie's foil and enemy.
These two powerhouse women steal the show
and leave you wanting more.
Chiwetel Ejioforis a great addition to this cast and his character, Conall 
helps us learn more about Maleficent's origins 
which she herself doesn't fully understand or know.
There is humor mixed in at all the good times for it and the music is stellar!

As for those little ones seeing this movie:
I, personally, will let my kids see it once it's out for purchase
so I can pause and explain things as we go.
There is a lot of intensity in this movie and 
emotional hardships that might be too difficult for some to understand.
There is a large battle at the end of the movie
(this isn't a spoiler, y'all have seen Pfeiffer/Jolie in their battle armor in previews)
and it's quite long and many heavy things happen as they do in wars.
I would be cautious and see it first for any young kids but I think age 9+ would do just fine.
See Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in theatres this Friday
October 18th!!

02 September 2019

Kooky Hair and a GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to September everyone!!
I wish I could say it was cooling down in AZ but we just had two weeks or more 
of heat advisories that lasted multiple days sooooo 
we still melting over here hahaha 
I'm here today to talk about a new company I just found!

  They're called Formulate and they are  
custom shampoo and conditioner wizards!
You take a simple hair quiz:
type, length, heat treated, colored, etc
and then tell them your hair goals:
glossy, scalp health, UV protection, color last, etc
and BAM!
They create a one of a kind formula JUST for you!

You can choose up to 6 hair goals for your combo and a scent
AND strength OF that scent,
It was magical!
I chose the Shoreline scent and it was AMAZING.
My hair goals were:
Color Protection (hello purple hair), thermal protection (from AZ heat), glossy hair, 
nourish roots, and improve scalp health 
(I've been dealing with an itchy scalp for a few years now 
and it annoys me).

Here's a video I did talking about my experience and 
sometimes it's better to listen than read hahahaha

The formulae may not have worked great for my hair
BUT my scalp was much better!
I loved working with this amazing company
AND because they love you all so much,
we've partnered to do a giveaway for one FREE set of shampoo and conditioner set!
One person will win the free set but every entry will receive a discount 
for the products if you desire to try them!
Click the link here to enter to win!!
Check out their website to see more testimonials and how their process works!
It's truly something to admire!

06 August 2019

Nothing's ever truly lost.....

Last I wrote on here, I was looking forward to things slowing down a bit and getting ready for school to start, well, school did start but it did not start off well for us in our personal lives.

My grandpa passed away on July 16th and his funeral was the 24th (the second day of school). I talked some on my Instagram about this whole experience but I haven't written it down anywhere yet. So please bare with me as I get a bit raw and real here.

My Papa was my first best friend. As the only granddaughter I had many privileges hahaha I was allowed to not only touch his beloved baseball cards, I was even able to suck on them as a baby.

We ate ice cream for breakfast, I would go with him to his Institute classes and help him teach the students or just participate in them. (they lived across a driveway from the institute building in Santa Monica) He was the one I always asked gospel questions, he knew so many things about the scriptures and church history that I never got bored lsitening to him talk or teach about it. He was also a general history junkie and he and I would have lots of talks about all kinds of places and times - WW2 was both a time of passionate research for us. We even got to stand by the treaty that eneded the war on the USS Missouri!

He had the best laugh. Loud and booming, he could always find a joke. I remember countless hours of playing Cray 8's or Go Fish and just laughing our heads off. When we would visit them on summer vacations he and my grandma would sit us down to make a plan for the entirety of our stay so we could make sure to get all the things done we wanted to while we were there. The Santa Monica Pier, Tito's Tacos (a couple times lezzbe honest), Olvera Street, movies, Institute, and Venice Beach were always on the list.

He was always fair. He loved everyone and everyone knew it. It was a genuine love and concern for everyone he met. His generosity of both spiritual and temporal means is something to aspire to. He was the most Christlike person I know.

He went into the hospital for the final time on the 4th of July. He'd only been back home after being in a physical rehab center for a month when he slipped out of his bed. It just started a chain reaction of things and when I got the call to come quickly so I could say goodbye I sadly wasn't surprised. It's like I knew this was coming but it didn't hurt any less. I immediately started sobbing in Target while I ushered my kids back into the car. I drove them to a friend's house because I did NOT want them to see Papa like he was at the end.

I walked into the room and my heart stopped. I felt such conflicting emotions of peace, love, sorrow and guilt. Guilt that I hadn't spent even more time with him and that I hadn't brought my children to say goodbye (even though I KNOW he wouldn't have wanted that either). Sorrow because I knew this was the end of his life here on earth and I miss him every day. Love for this giant of a man that helped shape me and who loved my family so entirely - he even loved Andrew before I did hahaha. Peace from knowing he'd want to be home with his Savior instead of here on a machine. The Spirit was so strong and I was able to hold his hand, speak to him and kiss him goodbye. I kissed him for the girls and told him to watch over us especially as the girls get older - they'll need their Papa to keep them safe.

As we then celebrated his life the following week, it was wonderful to see all of the family and friends that were able to come. Some of these cousins I had never met or it had been years since seeing each other. We all joked that Papa would have hated it hahaha he's be tucked into a quiet corner somewhere avoiding everyone and all the noise - which is completely true. The sadness comes and goes. I know hes happier and with his mom, dad, best friend Jack and all the others that have gone before him but gosh darn it I miss him so much. I know he's watching over me, I've felt his presence throughout the weeks since he's been gone.

When he passed I knew I wanted something to help us remember and grieve - so I asked my sweet friend Nichelle to make us a necklace with his favorite hymn (If You Could Hie to Kolob") and then on the back we had his handwriting ;) It was the most perfect thing we needed!

I'm going to get a bit spiritual here, you've been warned. I am so grateful to KNOW I will see my Papa again! While it doesn't diminish my temporal sadness here and now, I know it helps me to know he'll be waiting for me with open arms when it's my turn to go home. I'm grateful for a Savior that knows my pain and anguish. He knows my conflicted soul and helps to soothe it. I'm grateful for a family that comes together and strengthens each other - I could not have made it through without my husband and kids. Papa is the first of my grandparents to pass, so in that I know I've been extremely lucky to have had him for 30 years teaching and loving me.

I love you Papa, Save a seat for me <3