28 November 2017

A Sacred Christmas

Y'all know Christmas is my favorite time.
I mean really.
I put my tree up as soon as Halloween is over
just because I need that sweet spirit that accompanies the season.
The other way I keep that Spirit with me is through music.
I recently received Garth Smith's
A Sacred Christmas
and I immediately fell in love with it.
The music is so soothing,
brings the Spirit into our home and is just beautiful.
Garth arranges this music so creatively and take it back to the 
original beauty of the piece. 
Simple and natural.
My absolute favorite song on this CD is Heaven's Hallelujah.
Hands down the best one there.
When I first heard it I was expecting the normal Hallelujah song,
oh how surprised was I!
And now every time I hear it I tear up because THIS is why we celebrate.
It's a gorgeous rendition of the song with so much more meaning.

Most of this CD is instrumental but the vocals used are incredible!
Such pure voices and the power is astounding!
Just trust me on this and get yourself a copy!
The link above takes you to Garth's website where you can purchase it
or it's available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify.
You can also purchase from Deseret Book in store or online.
It's completely worth the price and he's so talented I can't wait to buy more of his work!
And if you're looking for more ways to keep your Christmas Christ centered,
watch my latest FB video to see the Countdown I'm using this year!

09 November 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Gifts!

Who's excited for the next one?!
I figure let's tackle the biggest one people look for:
Now I'll be honest.
I have two girls.
I do have a nephew I buy for as well but 
I'm not an expert in all things boy or girl
However, I have a few good ideas from friends kids and my own!
(Plus Amazon already has the perfect list for each age bracket!!)
I combined them all into one.
I believe that toys aren't only for girls or boys.
And I think it's up to the parent to decide what their kids play with.
Now, onto to the fun stuff!
** affiliate links used, but shop for the best deal you can find **
We have a philosophy with toys. 
I don't want to buy them things just to buy them things.
When we decide to get them a toy it's something like the kitchen.
Something big and that they can grow into/continue to use for years.
Plus then for a few years getting accessories for that toy 
are just as amazing for gifts to them. 
My girls are really into superheroes and Star Wars right now.
(can't imagine why......heeheehee)
So finding these action figures was fate I tell you!
(Look up DC Superhero Girls and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny) on YouTube, 
you will thank me later)
I don't know a kid that doesn't like to take pictures.
As in be the photographer, not having them taken hahaha
A little camera that's just for them is always a big win!
This one comes in a couple different designs and accessories to boot!
I think tablets are going to be in their future whether we like it or not,
so we decided to go with a LeapPad for each of our kids.
The one pictured is the Leap Pad 3 which I guess they stopped producing 
but they have tons of different ones depending on the child 
and what budget you want to have!
My favorite thing about the LeapPads is that they grow with your child.
The games learn their levels and adjust to them,
its incredible honestly.

I know I dreamed of a train under the Christmas tree
and this one is awesome! 
It blows real smoke and can be expanded with other tracks!

LEGOS are always a good idea (as long as they're contained amiright?!)
since they require a lot of coordination and brain power to get them together.
I love these sets of superheroes, Star Wars, Disney princess, classic buildings, etc.
There really is a set for every child.
 Books are so near and dear to my heart.
I told Andrew that I will never put a limit on books in our house
(minus duplicates of books of course!)
because they are so important.
My girls are regular bookworms which warms my heart
and we always read a story before bed and they are always allowed to 
read whenever they want to.
If you need recommendations on books for different ages, ability, etc
My friend Janssen knows all about the ones to get!
(Blog, Instagram)

So what's on your list this year??

31 October 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Woo hoo!
Time for more gift ideas!!
 So today I wanted to tackle stocking stuffers!
**post does contain affiliate links** 

Ok so kids:
 So we like to do a variety of things.
And no, our kids don't get all things listed above hahaha
I just wanted to let you guys see different options!
Water bottles are always popular especially here in AZ.
I've found the Thermos ones to be best for ME and my kids 
but a water bottle in general is always a good idea.
We have a tradition that we each get an ornament every year.
Everyone picks their own and it gets added to their box of ornaments.
My parents did this for us growing up and thanks to that 
I didn't have to go buy ornaments after I got married to decorate our little tree!
We also try to give them something "educational".
I LOVE their LeapPads and the games are so affordable and diverse.
You can even purchase games through their website to download straight to the device!



I feel like I may have catered this too much to MY husband/family 
BUT I think you get the ideas hahaha
My husband LOVES cooking so that's why I included a spider (5)
because I know he'd love to have one 
but a grill brush or some other kitchen gadget would work!
Gift cards are always a great idea, and blue tooth speakers are becoming better and better.
I thought that little Superman cord protector was adorable
and super fun (hee hee get it??)



Makeup is always an easy stocking stuffer for us right ladies??
But honestly, she's gonna want something fun not necessarily practical.
Christmas is a time for frivolous gifting.
However, I DO love a good kitchen utensil that's gonna make my first world life even easier!
That baggie holder may seem lame BUT do you know how hard it is to meal prep
frozen dinners and have to hole open the baggie AND pour it in??
Y'all know I love me some Thor (I mean he's really the cutest Avenger out there) 
and the Grinch is always a solid choice for anything holiday related!
Letterboards and Lightboxes are all the rage right now!
An extra set of letters for either of those items (depending on which one she has)
will always be appreciated.

So what else did I miss that would be a great stocking stuffer?
I feel like we barely scratched the surface of holiday gift giving!

20 October 2017

Disney Trip!

Guys I just realized I never blogged about our latest
Disneyland trip!
Who even am I now?
Don't worry,
it is now fixed!!
We had so much fun but I will admit that the weather was a real downer when we went.
It was randomly super nasty humid,
we were all sweaty before we even got on the tram people!
BUT it was a lot of fun hanging out with our little family,
my family and even part of my extended Bowler family!

One super highlight of the trip was Rory deciding she wanted to do Jedi Training!
I was one super proud mama!!
When they initially said who was gonna fight whom,
she was in the line to fight The Seventh Sister (from Clone Wars)
but halfway through the lines,
Darth Vader came down so she got to fight the ultimate Sith Lord!
When she saw him walking down her eyes got so big!
But she went up to him and fought him so well!
I definitely teared up a bunch cuz yeah, I'm THAT Star Wars mom hahaha

Immediately after that, Jade begged me for a lightsaber like her sisters,
so she and I went and built her a lightsaber that lights up and makes noise!
Yeah, I only a little regret anything hahaha

We were exhausted by about 7 each night so we would go home a little early
but get to bed and get to decompress a little.

Food highlights:
CAFE ORLEANS will probably always be my favorite hahaha
can't beat that Monte Cristo sammich friends.
The Grey Stuff from Red Rose Taverne is ALLLL of the heart eye emojis!
Redd's Apple Freeze in DCA is amazing!
(honestly, I love the regular frozen apple juice too, but holy cow!)

This trip was one for the books and we loved it so much!!
I'm already planning the next trip whenever we can go again haha
Jade wants to do Jedi Training now too
and Rory's begging to do it again so that's 
a definte must for any kid that likes Star Wars!
Rory'd been begging to go back on Big Thunder Railroad
which is now her favorite ride just like her Daddy.

So who's up for sponsoring another trip for me?? ;)