14 November 2018

"I'm Gonna Wreck It!!"

 Vanellope and Ralph are BACK!!
I'm so excited that this movie is coming out!!
I won't lie,
I was a little nervous about this one!
We all loved the first one so much,
would this live up to the original?
Would it meet expectations?
The amount of intricate details in the movie are incredible!
So many little things that you find just as you sit there,
some you catch instantly,
others you may miss the first time.
The animation is just as amazing this time around.
Watching Ralph go through the router to the internet was hilarious! 
New characters are here and they make the movie even
richer with their quirky personalities!
Shank (played by Gal Gadot) is
my personal favorite of the new characters.
Yesssss (played by Taraji P. Henson)
is the hype girl we all need in our lives hahaha
When I initially saw the trailer that included all of the princesses
 (and Queen Elsa - let's give her her right title y'all!)
I was so excited to see what they would do!
The way they are incorporated was seamless
and hilarious.
I'm so happy we got a second movie so quickly
and it lived up to the first
in terms of originality and storytelling!
Definitely take your kids this Thanksgiving to see it,
you won't regret it!


12 November 2018

I'm 30!

  30 years of life
have happened for me.
I initially thought I'd do one of those
"30 in 30" things
but I decided to just put out some musings I've had instead.
I am not super woman.
There. I said it!
I am incapable of doing all of the things I'm
"supposed to do"!
And that's ok!
It's ok to not do all of the things.
For example:
this October we didn't do a pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, 
or anything super fall related other than Trick or Treat.
And my kids are still ok.
So my mom guilt can take a backseat for that thank goodness.
 I have to listen to my intuition/gut
more often than my guilt or what others say.
I don't know if any of you have this happen to you,
but I've learned to mostly be able to say
"No" or "I can't right now".
We're heading into the crazy busy season and
I've already had to say that a couple times to keep my sanity. 
Or if there's a situation that doesn't feel right,
I have to listen to that feeling
and follow through.
It's ok to put yourself first sometimes.
As a wife and mother I am constantly
giving and giving and sometimes I literally have nothing left.

 For me, one of the ways I put myself first is getting my hair done.
I only get it done maybe twice a year
but I feel so good afterwards.
I feel so incandescently happy! 
See this Instagram post for more of that musing!
It's ok to feel emotions.
Feeling sad is ok.
Feeling happy is ok.
Feeling angry is ok.
Feeling exhausted is ok.
You have to give yourself permission to feel your feelings
or you can not heal.
More often than not we're told to
"pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it"
and that's good advice for the most part!
But for some of us, hearing that just makes the guilt worse.
I agree that we have to move on BUT
everyone has their own pace and we have to find
ours and do what's best for ourselves and our families.
It's never too late to start your dream!
It took me far too long to finally
just start doing what I wanted to do:
Open my own t-shirt and vinyl business!
I've always wanted to make shirts at an affordable rate
for ALL sizes and design my own stuff
and it has been such a fun blessing for me!

It has helped my mental health in so many ways
to create custom things for people!
It's stretched my imagination
and skills set.
I've learned new things and can't wait to see 
what next year has in store for the shop!

Life is good!
Even when it sucks,
which we all know it does on occasion,
it is good!

I have my gorgeous girls,
my amazing and supportive husband,
my little business,
a home,
a working car,
etc etc.
How can I not see the good even dealing with the gross??

30 years old.
I remember thinking 30 was so old and wise
and you'd have it all figured out by now.
oh how I was wrong,
but also how much better it is than I thought!
As I say goodbye to my 20s and welcome the next decade
I'm excited to watch certain parts of my life end
and new ones start.
So here's to turning 30 and what a fun decade it will be!

09 July 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

I've been getting to know my Silhouette machine on very intimate terms
 in the past few months most especially. 
It and I have embarked on many adventures, 
some have worked, 
some have crashed and burned hahaha
But let me show you some of the fun things I've been able to do!

First let me start by saying "THIS MACHINE IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH 
Ok ok ok lets back up to the end of the school year shall we? 
For Teacher Appreciation Week I bought tumblers at Walmart and tripped them out!

 These were for Jade's amazing preschool teacher, 
Rory's kindergarten aide,
and Rory's kindergarten teacher (in that order)
And these pictures were before I sealed them with resin to keep the vinyl on!

I put them in these CUTE tubs I also found at Walmart
(on clearance even!!)
with some chips and salsa and their favorite soda to fill their tumbler with ;)
Ms Sue's preschool is Bee themed so she got a special tub!
And she doesn't drink soda so I gave her more goodies and treats :)

These teacher gifts are also PERFECT for the beginning if the year!
It would be a great way to start off the year!
I was so happy with how they turned out AND how much the teachers
loved them!!
I even ended up making some for my best friend's kids' teachers
and we got the best thank you notes on the planet! 

Bonus thing I did:
At the end of the year I didn't buy Rory a yearbook.
That just seems silly for a kindergartener to me.
BUT I did want something for her little friends to be able to reach her
if they wanted so I came up with this cute idea:
K.I.T. Cards

I'm working on getting a template ready for y'all but it's taking a bit 
more work than I initially thought it would.
I thought this was gonna be such a nice and awesome thing
and I got so many compliments on them and then I ran out!
So lesson learned: cut out more than you think so you have enough!

16 May 2018

A Flyboy, A Wookie, and the Fastest Hunk 'O' Junk in the Galaxy

So y'all know I love Star Wars.
It's in my blood man!
 The classic characters have always kept me interested and
I've grown up knowing them.
So when Disney announced they were doing
Solo: An Origin Story
I cringed.
Guys I love Disney, I love Star Wars.
But this for some reason just felt wrong to do.
And as time went on and I saw trailers or promos for the movie,
I still didn't get excited.
Then I saw it.

Now, for me, this wasn't as good as Rogue One.
I liked it though.
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did like it!
It's got some humor that's a bit off color so might not want to take
younger star pilots to see it.
BUT if they can handle Guardians of the Galaxy,
they can handle this movie as well.
The cast did an amazing job portraying the characters
as we already know and love them
while still being able to put their own spin on them.
Donald Glover is pretty spot on with Lando
and Alden Ehrenreich as Han is truly fun to watch.
I left the theater happy to have seen how my favorite
"scruffy-lookin nerfherder" started out 
before he meets Luke and Obi Wan.
  I look forward to a few more of these stories!